Saturday, July 17, 2010

Main Event Mania!

Last post I tried to spill a bunch of Mojo on the world for Josh Brikis. Josh ended up finishing 55th for $138k giving him his 5th cash of this years series.

He posted that it was the most miserable $138k he ever got. I get that. He was cruising pretty good going into his final day and just couldn't win a pot. When you are playing well (as he does) and running well, and you have 8 million staring at you... well, lets just say anything short of the final table is frustrating.

I know Josh and it is about the money, but we are still talking about the Main Event. The Super Bowl (I friggin' hate cliches') of Poker. Still, it was a great series for him and I'll see him in September at the Borgata for the Poker Open.

While I've covered events for the Borgata I've got to meet a shit ton of players. Some you've heard of, and some you haven't.

I get to watch them play, interact with them, and even spill some booze on some unsuspecting tourist at the B bar. The range is wide. Most play all the time, traveling the circuit and are well past making their bones. These guys are players.

One particular guy caught my attention a few years back. I watched him over a couple of series and was so impressed with his play, his demeanor, that I would tell anyone who would listen about how much I respect his game. The dude is sick. I interviewed him after a final table where he placed eighth in the Borgata Classic way back in 2007. His thoughts about strategy were pretty wild coming from such a young player.

John Racener is part of the final 27 in the Main. He is sitting on over 10 mil in chips and is currently 8th. Looking at the field I gotta put him in the top 10% of winning this thing. He has a favorable table heading into today's play and I'm excited to follow his progress.

John has over a million in winnings to date, which probably escapes most people. He kinda flies under the radar, although his success in the main, and the series has probably erased most of that.

I like the way this year has played out so far. It should make for a great final 9.

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