Friday, July 23, 2010

Poker in PA update

Some good questions last post....

Jordan, I have not been to a room yet. And no, I cannot divulge my sources, but be assured as in most, they are insider sources. I know when Parx opens their room in September they will start with 36 tables, and eventually try to get to 100. That will be a monster room. I'm excited to see what their strategy is.

The other rooms, I will be visiting in the next few weeks for some meetings, and to talk to some people about what their goals and objectives will be as far as their poker products go. That will be interesting as well.

Bam, They aren't really trying to do things half-assed. It just is what it is at this point. Throwing some tables up without a real plan will yield half assed results. I gather that will all come to a point where someone steps up and says, "How can we do this the right way".

More to come...


Anonymous said...


I do not think you are giving enough credit to the PA poker rooms and the staff running some of them.

Maybe that is the case in the eastern part of PA, and nevertheless, some poker rooms are run by idiots (ever been to Wheeling?)

However, the Meadows in Washington PA has an excellent management and staff with 26 tables.
A review of the room is found on

The Rivers 24 tables is flush with a lot of high limit players (5-10 everyday and 10-20 on weekends).

In addition the Meadows will offer tournaments and sats to Major events (WSOP, Venetian DS,etc)

Anonymous said...

opps, that site is Pennsylvania Poker Players Info