Monday, July 26, 2010

MORE poker in PA :)

I wanted to respond to a comment. I think it's important because I want no assumptions made of why I'm writing these posts. I have no allegiance. I have no bias. If anything, the bias falls on this side of the river because it's closer, and will allow me to play a lot more with less inconvenience.

That being said... This comment was left (fraction)

"I do not think you are giving enough credit to the PA poker rooms and the staff running some of them. Maybe that is the case in the eastern part of PA, and nevertheless, some poker rooms are run by idiots (ever been to Wheeling?)"

OK, fair enough. However, they haven't been open for more than two weeks, so what credit do they deserve? I'm not writing these posts to compare AC versus PA either. The whole question surrounding PA rooms, at least as I have been reading it since the idea of PA offering poker was announced, was what affect it would have on Atlantic City. Remember, this has nothing to do (at least not much to do) with Western PA. Atlantic City did not pull a lot of its daily play from Western PA.

That being said, PA will end up doing a fine job for what their product will be. The poster points to Wheeling, WV.

You have to look at this from the standpoint of the property itself. Wheeling probably has zero interest in growing their room. They opened it up, realized over time and projection that the room could hold x amount of players with the possibility to market to x amount of population and figured this is where their room will be and will always be. They're not looking to host the WSOP any time soon. That being acknowledged, the room will then decide on a budget based on revenues in order to make the room profitable. See where I'm going?

PA casinos will be in this same boat. Their rooms will be catering to a demographic of people that will be based solely on geography. AC never did that. AC went after demographics that spanned the nation. WPT events, WSOP events, income level demos, etc. They marketed to the entire Mid-Atlantic and North England markets.

PA casinos aren't doing that. I suspect most won't. This is part of the reason why AC will ultimately win. If that actually happens. I don't know that Parx won't make a run at being that Poker Paradise. With their announcement that they want 100 tables, it seems pretty clear they do want to make a run. Time will tell if they do, if they can handle it, if they can succeed.

The bottom line here is that these PA casinos are awesome for being able to run out on a whim and only have to drive less than 30 minutes instead of looking at a 2 hour ride with $20 in tolls.

Pa casinos will build a larger player network. More will come to play because it is available. It's a great thing, I love it. I think PA poker rooms are the bees knees. I just think ultimately, they will not have a huge effect at all on AC.

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