Monday, June 7, 2010


I wrote about this when it first happened.  I thought it was funny because this guy actually used to work with me when I was a golf pro way back in 1993.  He and I and a few others would trek down to AC.  The Taj had just opened their poker room and I would play stud and he would hit the roulette tables.  I saw him win like 20k one time. He truly thought that roulette was a skill game. 

Funny funny shit.   Right up until you read where he killed a day one employee who had ZERO implications in his losing a mint.  Stupid people.

Read today's story here.  He was arrested last year, (I wrote a post about it then), and today he plead guilty.   This is my 492nd post.  Just thought I would mention that because I'll forget when it gets to 500. 


Josie said...

Congratz on ALMOST 500 posts!

Schaubs said...

Now the truth comes out!

You were gonna hustle me weren't you!!

I'll still play you HU.

Get here before I never golf again!