Friday, June 11, 2010

And so the journey begins....

It's June and some things are happening in my life right now that make me a) want to laugh b) want to cry, and c) show someone their throat. Anyone. Not anyone in particular. Just the random idiot who somehow will manage to do something stupid in my presence. To me, or to someone where I view it as unjust.

I did get good news however. The man child (who turned 4 in April) will officially start his journey to the NFL hall of fame in July.

The organization has a 5-6 flag team. Several actually. The boy being only 4 was invited to camp based on film I took of him and his workouts since age 3. I didn't want to focus on any one position so I have had him training in core competencies. Run, pass, and catch.

I have good video of him and his results in combine like events as well. I thought it would be important to grab some baseline info to kind of set the expectations moving forward so I have his time in the 40, his vertical leap, and a time in the cones. All very good for a 4 year old. his 40 time was quite impressive at 5.7 secs and his vertical leap is an almost ridiculous 10 inches (for his age of course). Those results were pre-ankle injury (thank god), but the ankle is healing up nice. The doc thinks that with the extra rehab I have him doing, it should actually heal stronger.

Of course with my history and propensity for complete and utter focus and planning on the football field, I've been asked to coach. I agreed to coach but only if I could take over the whole league as director. I want all the kids running through the program to learn the same system from this age all the way through H.S. That was agreed to unanimously by the board so I will be now implementing a new charter as it relates to the organization, the coaches, the players, and the parents' expectations and responsibilities.

Alright, settle down. I didn't run him through any of that. Jeeeezus, whaddya think I am? He will be playing in the fall and I will be coaching and hopefully, we will both have a blast. That's about it. Unless of course he performs below my expectations. Then it will be camp after camp for him. That one I'm serious about. OK, maybe I'm kidding. We'll see.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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That was awesome riggs - I was laughing through the whole thing.

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i got my 3yr batting left/right handed..

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withy you one never knows.