Monday, May 10, 2010

wanna 'nother ride down the shoot you little piss ant mop?

It's getting close to ending... the BBT that is. I missed yet another invitational event last night after realizing that I would be late in getting home after Mother's Day celebrations.

I texted Al to unregister me if at all possible so that there wouldn't be a dead stack to deal with, and I don't know if he was successful or not. I gave him ample time of at LEAST 15 minute :)

So around 8pm I ran home and got suited up for hoops. It was a rough night. very physical and very sloppy on everyones part. Good sweat though.

I got home and logged on to find that Goat actually took down the tournament to win his TOC seat. Good for you!

Then I read how Waffles played excellent, sick ass reads poker just owning everyone until his unluckiness came to pass and he lost with AA.

something about a bet with the Very Josie has him jammed up about losing but I'm starting to think Waffles thinks that Josie is singing this song to herself with him in mind.

See everyone tonight!


Shrike said...

Goat check-raised me off the best hand at least once. Then he tried to sell me a bill of goods with aces, but I escaped. That son of a gun can play some poker.


Josie said...

ROFLLLLL That's one helluva song.

Just goes to show you what a little incentive can do. I had no idea he could actually play. :) I was starting to get worried!

But the incentive remains in place for this Sunday...we'll see if Waffles can win himself a prize and a ToC seat too. With a bonus if he takes out Hoy.

Josie said...

And thanks for the link! :)

Dawn Summers said...

Hey, I wish I wasn't such a racist, so I could talk to you in the chat boxes! Will you get on twitter already! Hope you're doing okay...Phillies still suck. :P

lightning36 said...

He he he he he