Friday, May 7, 2010

It's an 80's Friday

Weekend will be very busy with the eldest spawn turning 12 tomorrow. She wants a cell phone. I want to get it for her, wife doesn't. She will be the last in her class to get one. She goes to an uppety school, so you can imagine the flak she gets not having one, but she is strong and handles it and it is not the reason for me wanting her to have one. I believe she is responsible enough and has earned it. She is starting to travel with friends and I want her to have the capability to stay in touch, AND I don't want her using mine anymore. I may step outside of parental unity here and just get one anyway :)

Sunday is of course Mothers day. Lot's to do. Enjoy your weekend. Be excellent to each other!


Josie said...

My son got his cell this christmas at 11yrs old. And yeah, he was one of the last of his friends to get one. And yeah, I got sick of giving him mine when I wanted to be in touch with him.

LOVE your music choices. Must've been a DJ in the 80's.

Wolfshead said...

My daughter is 12 and wants one too. Been thinking of it, know it is going to piss her mother off so that's a plus, but have two problems. one, her favorite 2 words are "I forget" when asked where she left something and two, if I know her mother she will probably find some excuse to take it away from her which winds up being a waste. First I could probably think of a solution to sove but second on is a bitch because of one.

Wolfshead said...

BTW, you mention Friday and Sunday in your post, are you going to make it a Saturday at the Manor?

Astin said...

[old man hat]
Oh please. What 12 year-old needs a cell phone? If she's at home, she can use the house phone. If she's out with friends, then she doesn't need it. The excuse of "want her to keep in touch" is lame, because kids "forget" to call all the time, and they won't answer the phone when you call, so you'll be just as worried, and they'll be doing exactly the same thing as if they didn't have phone... except rolling their eyes because "my dad is calling me AGAIN! GAWD!"

Don't want her using yours? Try saying "no".

[/old man hat]

At least then, she'll bug your wife to use hers, and then she'll okay the purchase.

lightning36 said...

I'm still holding out on my 13 year old getting a phone. She hasn't really asked yet. 15 year old son hates his basic model, which is good enough for a non-tech schlub like me. He, of course, wants internet access, etc.

Sounds like your daughter really needs one for practical puposes. Cheap investment to minimize your worry.

Wolfshead said...


don't know about Riggs' daughter and keeping in touch but as mine lives in upstate NY and I live in downstate PA keeping in touch is important. She does use her house phone to talk but her mother is usually around when she does so she gets limited in things she wants to talk to me about. With a cell she can at least go outside to chat. Of course any excuse to spoil my daughter

Bayne_S said...

Demon child got her cell in 5th grade.

Wife also was 90 miles from school a lot of days at time and my cell was long distance from her school.