Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The clown HAS no penis

If someone who watched last night could explain to me what happened in the Poker from the Rail tournament, I would be much appreciative.

Last I remember, I had 11k in chips with 16 people left. I was in 10th place in chips. That's all I remember.

I don't know if I fell asleep, dusted off, or forgot about it after the last break.

I remember hitting a break, and Goat IM'ing me that he had T7 that last hand when the flop was 776 and his opponent folding on the turn.

Then I remember getting up to quell some tears over a scratchy blanket. when I got back I saw me timing out with QT, let it go, and got some drink.

But I don't remember anything after that. Seriously, it's possible I dusted off in on particular hand but I don't remember.

I swear I'm losing it. WAY too much shit going on right now to be able to focus.


Katitude said...

then what are you playing poker for? A very wise man (that's YOU btw) once told me that one should never go to the table with baggage you can't put aside for the duration of the game. Your game will suffer, and poker will not be the distraction you might need it to be.

Sending some huge *hugs your way.

Josie said...

I was out 15th. :( And that was playing while awake. :(

TripJax said...

I swear I remember thinking how/why you had gotten a decent stack and then it just seemed to slowly drizzle away.

I, for one, have definitely passed out when way ahead in a tournament.

Chalk it up as a good time and get back to the tables...with some 5 Hour Energy, of course...

Side note: My word verification for this comment is... dogman