Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BBT... so far

The anticipation that filled the air some 4 weeks ago with the impending BBT 5 has come and gone and we are just over 2 full weeks into it.

I was honored to be included in the invitational series but missed the first one due to Confirmation, communion, birthday, and other parties that have to do with my tribe of children and neighbors children.

I played the first poker from the rail and Mookie tourneys last week and final tabled both of them. I did get to play this weeks invitational with a a bit of a caveat. I had basketball at 8:30pm. I figured if I played super aggro I would either give myself the chance to double up or at least chip up really well, or dust off early enough to be able to make basketball.

I raised and re-raised often but without really getting any action. I then picked up AA in the bb with 5 limpers. I potted to 220 or so with blinds at 20/40 and Astin (who limped utg) was the only caller.

The flop came 7 T Q and I am not sure if I bet pot or just about 2/3's. It was at least a 600 bet so I'm figuring it was pot. Astin called, and we saw a blank turn. This time I bet just north of 900 chips and Astin flatted me again.

Now, at this point, I am really thinking I am dead to a set. There are no flush draws and the only straight draw is just unfathomable to me to be even in his range. Astin only plays AA or 72 so I felt pretty confident I was either way ahead or going home. I cannot put him on a shitty two pair either. limping and flatting pre is just not going to happen with the two of what was on that board there; yeah I'm pretty sure I'm going home versus a set.

The river brings a J with me first to act. Set or no set, with my circumstances I'm putting it all in here and it stands to think that I may have even made my broadway if he puts me on AK.

I shove and he thinks for about 3 secs (possibly thinking I made broadway) but calls and shows 8 9 off suit for his ass ended straight made on the river. He called off more than half his stack with 8 9 o.

So I have 250 left, shove and go to basketball and had a an awesome run. We lost the first three games 3 on 3 playing half court waiting for the others to show, then won the last 5 games playing 4 on 4 (small court) the rest of the night. I was exhausted but felt great afterward and got home around midnight. I entered a $10 45 man tourney and took 2nd.

So last night I entered the second Poker from the Rail tourney and doubled up sometime around the second break putting me 3rd in chips. I sat there stagnant for about another 40 minutes and then doubled again to 13k or so. I picked up AK and blasted away pretty good til the river when I aired up and lost a good chunk bringing me to about 11k.

Then, UTG with AA I raised up and got a caller from the bb only (julesk) who had about 4k in her stack. The flop came K high and she checked. I bet, she jammed, and I snapped having her crushed until the board came runner runner giving her broadway and taking me back to 6k.

Now, at this point I am getting tired. I keep dosing off and waking up when the alert booped to tell me it was my turn to act. I woke up (literally) to AhKh and shoved against someone lead and he called with AQ. I miraculously hold and go back to 12k. That put me at 8 out of 25. Unfortunately, that's all I remember.

I fell asleep after that and never woke back up until about 3am. This is the second time this has happened to me in blogger series. I once entered the Mookie final table with a big chip lead and fell asleep there ( I think I had 33k in chips in that one). Several wrote posts about it but that was a long time ago.

So, I have played 4 events out of the five (including the two invitationals). I have final tabled 2 and fell asleep with a top ten stack with 20 or so left in a third and had aces cracked early in the other.

Last BBT was horrible for me. I never got anything going and was probably in the worse stretch of a down swing I have ever seen. I ran absolutely horrible and most likely played like shit trying to play out of it as well.

I've been getting beat up here as well, but it has come at times where I have been able to survive and continue on with the exception of the final tables when I went out both times getting it in best. JJ vs AJ and AQ versus AT - Both times they hit the A and the T

I'm feeling good about this time around though and hopefully an get lucky at a final table to be able to take it down.

Josie asked about Survior poker in comments. This will happen. We put it on hiatus in order to be able to afford everyone the bandwidth to play in the BBT. Once the BBT is over we will revist and schedule.

No one has been casted yet, and the rules and regs haven't been fully vetted out yet either, but it will happen shortly. Stay tuned. We're excited. Mostly I am excited about blogger land being all abuzz again!

FU waffles!


lightning36 said...

Looks like you are on a roll.

Dang, I need to get my butt in gear. I have played like absolute crap so far.

I have fallen asleep in tournaments before. Cashed in an SNG once while snoozing.

Josie said...

I'm in survivor poker!

You linked me AND mentioned me in the post. +2 Riggs