Thursday, March 18, 2010

Funny? Maybe AC? Possibly

You might have heard of Jihad Jane. I'm sure it made national news, but mostly I've been following it via our local media because it happened in these here parts.

To me, without really reading much of the gals background, it seems more of a cry for attention. Boredom and/or stupidity if you will. Someone with nothing else to do, nothing to relate to, so, why not do something where she will be liked and acknowledged.

Taking all things in perspective though, it seems as if most of the people I speak to about it look at it is nothing more than a joke. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a dope! What a loser! What a clown!".

I know, you here these snippets and immediately think, "must be talking about waffles"... but alas, no. These remarks are towards some unknown who perpetrated an almost unthinkable act. Along with the fact that it was by someone who doesn't fit, at all, the so called profile of someone you would think would do this. For one, a female. Secondly, a suburban, supposedly middle class female.

Is this really funny. Am I missing something here? This is some serious shit. From a seemingly half hearted attempt to grasp something meaningful in an otherwise meaningless life (reportedly), to conspiring to have someone waxed because they offended an entire religion. Good Lord. Take up knitting or something. Even I poke fun at it, but is it really that funny? Or silly? Someone get this chic some meds. Or better yet, smile at her. Jesus.

I've been gathering some G2 (intel) on the impending card rooms here in PA. AC Part III is in the works but I don't want to just make random statements that are nothing more than supposition. Things have happened here in PA where some of the Casinos have made their first attempts at filing for table licenses. So far the first round of applications haven't included Poker tables. I'm sure that will happen shortly, but some press releases have shown that the PA casinos will initially go after the higher margin table games like black jack and roulette before investing in Poker. Early indications point that there are several reasons for that. First is the fact that regs for poker dealers hasn't been established yet, or are in the works. Second is that the other games obviously offer a higher margin than poker.

As soon as I am done my research, I'll have solid facts to support my thoughts. It's shaping up to be very interesting. That is the approach that these PA casinos are taking and their strategy they have seemingly embraced.

I now must sign off - for the greatest sporting event in the history of the world is about to start. I MUST PREPARE...

P.S. Last night was brutal. Destinations where missed, unexpected, and salty. I hate bad drunks.

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