Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ahhh Politics!

I get it... I owe the final part of why AC will win. I've been BUSY! (exactly as Luther says it in 48 hours) and will get to it post haste.

But before then, I would like to point out how local politics, MY local politics, are just as corrupt and shallow as federal politics. I can gather that it is most likely this way across our great land. It seems as if those in power generally have the inclination that politics equals personal discretion on how much they get to do whatever the hell they think is apropos for them and their little circle jerk of friends.

Entitlement for achieving such a high level of "prestige" if you will. Check out this little story I found in our local newspaper. For all you national readers out there, and also for the record, County Commissioner James Matthews happens to be Chris Matthews' (of CNN) brother.

There is so much more to this story and if you are local, you probably know it already. If not and wish to choose to understand it a little more, I 'll give you the gist of it...

Montco had a policy of RFP's for service... The Dem's came in and decided to NOT offer RFP's befor awarding contracts for goods and services and just so happens that one of those companies was a heavy donator to the campaigns of those dems. The dems then blame the repubs and so on and so forth. Oh, and one of those commissioners is now running for Governor of the state. Beautiful.

I ask my neighbors about this in casual conversation as we attempt to settle down for the night discussing our children's going on's and quirks. No one really seems to give a shit as it doesn't have an effect on their daily lives. Part of the reason I guess why these idiots get away with what they do. One neighbor stated, I don't even vote anymore because, "What's the point?".

Well, let's think about that... In all honesty, what is the point? I can get all patriotic and American. Voting was always ingrained into our heads growing up as a privilege and right that makes our country what it is. Voting was a duty. However, in today's climate, I can at least understand the apathy. I don't condone it, but I understand it.

Part 3 of why AC will win is coming. Here is part I and Part II if you'd like to catch up. PA will have their share of poker players and the market, but AC will do things to stay not only competitive, but on top of the Mid-Atlantic poker heap.


Bayne_S said...

For me voting means that margin of victory changes slightly. No matter what the most liberal Democrat wins unless caught with a dead girl (in this state live boy probably okay).

Registering to vote means jury duty.

It is -EV proposition.

State Government is so hamstrung by propositions and being in pockets of state employee unions that nothing will change in Sacramento until inevitable bankruptcy.

HighOnPoker said...

I usually don't vote unless I'm pressured by family, because I don't see the benefit. The day a race is lost by one vote is the day I learn my lesson. Until then, my vote does not count.

Also, a vote for no one is as good as a vote of no confidence as I can get. They should offer an option for none of the above and I'd vote every chance I get.

snakster said...

Chris "the tingle" Matthews works for MSNBC, not CNN.

Is it surprising that they are doing things and cutting out castor at the same time. The unholy alliance at the county was set up to do just this kind of thing. It's an absolute disgrace. I would suggest rebutting your neighbors with the fact that the higher taxes they are paying is due to sweetheart deals like these being struck by the mobsters on the county commission. So it does affect them directly.