Monday, August 3, 2009

It's all over

I am a fat fucking monster piece of shit who has ZERO self discipline and ZERO ability to stay motivated on what should be of utmost concern. I have hit critical mass... rock bottom... whatever you want to call it.

Consider this a declaration.


DrChako said...


One lapse does not a failure make. Even several.

Get off your ass and fix it.


Shrike said...

Lesson learned.


Sean D said...

So your porn career as a Waffles body double is over?

Buck up.

Take this moment and remember your frustration, then walk away and keep walking, for about two miles, then if your frustration is still there when you get back four miles later call me and I'll talk you through it.

It's a road that I go through often, lose 30 , gain 35, lose 40 , gain 20.

Just be patient brother and if you need me, I'm a call away

Fuel55 said...

Once a pussy, always a pussy ,,,

jjok said...

Tired of being called Fatty McLardo?
Tired of looking at a menu and saying "Yes please"?

Let the pain rain and shed the exoskeleton.

I'm right there with you bub

KenP said...

Isn't it lovely when all your friends show up as a support group?

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

You hit Fuel?

BWoP said...

Will you stop being a phone book too?

smokkee said...

its a sad day for bloggers across the globe when wawfuls shows a little discipline. but don't let it get you down.