Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sitting here in the poker room and having folks come up to me and say they found and read my blog is kinda, well... gay.

OK, I'm kidding. It's kinda cool, and most stated they found it through following the Borgata blog.

The funny thing is that most wanted to talk about Online poker. Apparently one guy who was playing in the tournament was talking about how all Online sites were getting shut down as soon as the end of this week.

Sounds pretty standard. Idiot hears one sound byte about the government seizing funds and that leads him down the path to believe that all online poker sites will be shut down. Without doing any research, he then states as fact in public that it will happen.

So some of these guys came over and asked me questions based on the post I wrote about it here. I admit, I wasn't very thorough about my explanation because of the time I had to write it, and it was off the top of my head as I did.

Most asked very intelligent questions. Which I answered to the best of my ability with the caveat that some things were pure supposition by me, based on my experiences, conversations, and opinion.

One guy who was standing by overheard my conversation with the others. He said he heard what I was saying and that he knew more. He was convinced that it was a pure conspiracy on every level. In fact, he would ask a question, or state an opinion rather without letting me get a word in edgewise. He would say "I swear man, they're all to get us. I know there's some faction somewhere that thinks all this money is just theirs, and they intend to keep it." He even went as far as to say that he knew about a euro who had won over $500k online and when he went to try to collect they gave him issues. Before he got it, he was mysteriously "murdered" in a car wreck outside of Caans! He was truly convinced of this.

Well, I couldn't resist. I was tired, a little bored, and the day was dragging. So I went with it. This is what I told him. Almost verbatim.

"Dude! Keep your mouth down. Don't think there isn't people in here connected with this thing. You keep talking the way you do and you're next on the list. I know exactly what you're saying but I've been afraid to speak up for the same reasons as that Euro guy." I conspicuously looked around and motioned for him to come closer. "This is 50 times bigger than even you can imagine".

His eyes widened. "Look, do you really think it was necessary for the US Government to pass a law that said online poker was illegal?". "Of course not man! I never understood it", he replied.

"Think about it man! The sites were making a ton of money. PILES! They weren't cooperating with the government. Which by the way is not really the government. You ever hear of Illuminati?" "YEAH DUDE, That's what I thought!!!" He almost came out of his shoes.

I told him to quiet down again. I said, "listen cuz, the law was passed because they needed a way to hurt the industry. They needed a way to tell them that if they wouldn't cooperate and let them get their cut, they would find a way to take it how they saw fit." He was intrigued. "This seizure of $30 million is just the beginning. Oh, and don't think the whole UB/AP thing wasn't rigged either. Russ Hamilton is a known member of a group connected to Illuminati. He was only taking what was his.... or "theirs" rather.

This guy is racing now. He's totally in agreement with what I am saying and can't wait for the next tidbit.

"Listen man, I could go on 100 levels deep here, but you have to understand that this is a dangerous game we're playing. Poker is about money." "And money is about power!" he interupted.

"Now you see what I am getting at. If you want to be behind the glass, make sure you're keeping this to yourself". "Behind the glass?" He questioned. "Yeah man, protected. Look, I can't say anymore. Just know that there are people out there who think all of this belongs to them, and they will do everything to take it, keep it, whatever."

"Just watch your back, and don't tell anyone what I just told you".

He shook my hand and left in amazement and concern of what was just told to him.

One of the players was standing by and watched him leave. He came over and asked me why I was talking to him. I said he just asked me a question. The guy giggles a little and says that he's been hanging around the poker room just watching all week. Talks to some but mostly everyone thought he was just a piker.

I told him what I said to the guy and he looked on in horror. "Do you really think so man, cause I've been wondering myself". I looked at him and hesitated. Then I said, "Stop fuckin' with me". We both laughed and went on our ways.

Today's events at the Borgata is the $300 O/8 tourney, the $300 NLHE and the final day of the $500 deep stack.

Check it out here for the action


DrChako said...

That's just gold right there. Well played.


HighOnPoker said...


KenP said...

You are one sick puppy. Love it!


PokahDave said...

I just fucking pissed myself...that is some funny stuff right there...

You ever hear of Illuminati?" "YEAH DUDE, That's what I thought!!!" He almost came out of his shoes.

I haven't LOL for real at the office for a long time...that one had some heads turning...

Sean D said...

What a hysterical moment. "Now you see what I am getting at. If you want to be behind the glass, make sure you're keeping this to yourself". I thought I told you to stop tapping the glass Riggs.

Stop taunting the fish.


BamBam said...

^----- seems to remember a moment in time, with a kid just outside The Pub.

Yeah.... we're brudders alright.

Good work!

pokerDegen said...


The Wife said...

OMG . . . you are twisted. Poor guy can't sleep now. He's Mel Gibson in that little room. He's stocking up his underground shelter. Arming himself. And wetting his pants at the same time.

Mean, mean man. Funny. But mean.

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