Sunday, June 7, 2009

Borgata Summer Open

The coverage for the Borgata Summer Open stars tomorrow.

You can read it here...

I'll have a whole crew down there for the month blogging away. I will have interviews from all your favorite pros. Most will be coming back from Vegas to play in a some of the events.

I have Eric Lynch doing an interview, and I will have Lacey Jones talk about her new sponsorship of UB.

The Borgata puts on one hell of an event, and the structures are unbeatable. I will be putting about 15 players into some of the events. They won their way through my company, and I look forward to seeing them dust off, I mean, fight their way through the fields to win millions!

Waffles, Goat, Al, and others will be guest posting. Waffles might even stop on down for a few days. I'm hoping Astin makes the trip as well, bringing along some others with him.

It's going to be a good month!


Wolfshead said...


you going to be down there Wed? I'm playing in a tourney at Bally's earlier but might stop over to catch some of the action later.

Astin said...

Not sure if I'll make it for June. My buddy is interested in July/Aug though. Yah, I know it's after the summer series, but I wasn't planning on dropping a G on a buy-in anyway.