Monday, June 8, 2009

BBT, Borgata Summer Open, and Stoners!

Wow! What a finish to the BBT last night. JJOK, actyper (who has been on a tear), Ck, and some other karma person all cashed last night in the BBT freeroll!

JJ and Typer won their seats into the WSOP Main. CK and Karma won a $2k package each.

The question seemingly on everyones mind is, will the WSOP seats be used? Or will the cash go for shoes, oatmeal, and tuition?

Loretta put up a great post about who's really at fault here. It's a little of the don't bite the hand that feeds you, but I agree 100%. The monies given out as prizes here from FT aren't because they like us as a group. It's called advertising dollars. Ad dollars are an investment, and there are things you can do to boost the ROI of every dollar.

Loretta won last year, and didn't seem to get much help in the way of converting the 10k into a seat from FT. He states a great point. Go read.

And yes, the $10k should be used to play. Absolutely. But in JJ's case, I make an exception. For one, he has 137 kids to provide for. He has a job. Add to that a wife, and there are multiple obstacles to hurdle. Anyone in that position should be given at least a little consideration. For some it would be almost irresponsible to play.

But that leads to the question of whether you should even play if you don't expect to enter the Main if in fact you do win. I think that's a horseshit question. FT cannot enforce playing in the Main because they don't have an intermediary to make sure you buy in with the 10k. And since Harrah's won't allow third party registrations, it's tough to do so. In other words, it's not a use it or lose it proposition. Maybe it should be.

That would take the arguments about irresponsibility moot. Full Tilt should take some responsibility and provide for these players a real incentive for playing, rather than just taking the cash. And I'm not talking about a monetary incentive. They should take a general interest. That would be a good start.

As I'm sure you all heard by now, Stoner took 3rd in event 13 at the WSOP. Taking down just over $200k. Awesome Job!

As for me, I'm down at the Borgata covering the Summer Open. This goes until the 30th of June with plenty of events to choose from, so stop on by and say hi. It will certainly be a good month.


Shrike said...

Can someone please remind me why Harrah's prohibits third party registration?


BWoP said...


Wolfshead said...

That damned stuid rule tghat puts anyone who deals with an online gaming site at risk of criminal and/or civil penalties. Certain things are only OK if governments do them. Lotteries are fine, online poker ain't.

PA is the biggest joke. Joe Camel was no good because he was an advertising gimmick to get kids to smoke but Gus the Groundhog isn't doing the same thing for kids and the lottery. Oh no, his purpose is entirely adult. Yea, right.

Loretta8 said...

thanks for the mention. you say that full tilt isn't doing this because they like us, which should be true, but to me it seems like it's just that they like al. full tilt seems so uninterested in this whole thing, its almost like they just said to themselves. "well Al is a nice guy, lets throw a couple packages his way for him and his friends, and let him deal with the details." Al does an amazing job and puts a ton of work in, but even he can't get people to go to vegas. now it seems that they've finally gotten tired of not seeing any return for their investment. sucks because with minimal effort they could continue this and both sides would benefit.

actyper said...

Harrah's also only prohibits 3rd party registrations from online sites still operating in the U.S. Last year Bwin/pokerroom registered for me. This year Party will register for me.

Regarding the ME seat from FT, if they had given me a full ME package and I had to choose from representing Party or FT, I would prob go with FT. But since it was just the 10k and the $ is in my account immediately, wasn't really a hard decision to just treat this as a cash win.