Friday, June 12, 2009

Blogging the B

I've been down here a few days now and it is a total grind. Playing would actually be easier than running around listening to bad beat stories and taking chip counts.

But the play ranges from really good to really surprising. They are long days that start at 11am and don't finish until 5am sometimes.

The B has some really good events coming up and I suggest that you get down, up, or over here and stake you claim.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of daily tournament players that have come back from Vegas to play this series because of the better structure and smaller fields. But they are still big enough to offer an awesome value and return on your investment.

If you do come down, stop by the media table and say hi.

You can follow the action along here


KenP said...

Love the Gorilla pics. Very east coast look. I am guessing that a new, white t-shirt means you are mobbed up.

And Sammy wouldn't be caught dead in that shirt/attire.

Excellent commentary/pix! Ask for a raise...better not...the economy, you know...

Riggstad said...

Thanks Ken!