Monday, May 18, 2009

Death once had a "near Chuck Norris" experience

Sloppy weekends are a waste of time. Sloppy anything are a waste of time really (with the exception of sloppy foods, obv.).

I played the mini FTOPS yesterday ($12 NLHE KO Deep stack). There were over 15,000 participants, and first place was over $21k. I managed to slip into a top 5 stack when I tripled, then doubled that with 8's hitting a set both times.

The second was a middle set on a 789 ds flop. I was behind two aggressors with pretty solid stacks, and figured I would squeeze the flop action. If either wanted to come along for the ride with the draws, I was willing to race.

Three levels later I hadn't seen a hand, and all attempts to steal pre were met with reraises and jams. The problem was my steals were with nothing more than K high, therefore leaving me powerless to defend.

I managed to blind my way down to 11k at 500/1000 blinds only to shove a suited AJ. The lone caller has KK, and igh.

I had a guy come over yesterday who has won a $2500 seat into the WSOP NLHE event, #11 (I think). He came to my house to sign the paperwork, and get squared away for his trip. He is leaving on the 3rd of June and staying until the 14th. The event he is playing in goes off on the 5th.

This is his first trip to Vegas, and he is making it on his own. Now, in Vegas for the first time ever, by yourself, for two weeks, to take a shot at a $2500 nlhe tourny, and to figure out what to do with the rest of your time... well, let's just say I am a little feaful for his well being. Both physical and mental well being that is.

He is a young kid, who is at least intelligent, and very savy. But I still worry, as I would for anyone who is going to Vegas for the first time, by themselves. I'm sure I'll have Al look after him for a bit, although I'm not sure thats the smartest idea in terms of keeping the kid safe and on the right path.

If any of you are out there during that time and wish to keep tabs on him, show him around, or even meet him once to give him an idea of what to expect in his first WSOP, I would be grateful. (CK, I'm looking your way).

I'm sure I'll get to Train, and Pauly with a request of at least a hello, and "any questions you have" type of stuff.

I hope to write about his trip while he is out there, as we will be keeping tabs on his progress.

Don't forget the RPT/ PPI event tonight on Full Tilt...


1Queens Up1 said...

Hey, I'm also heading out to Vegas for the first time by myself (gf hates planes).

I'd keep an eye on him but I wont be out there until the 25th...

BWoP said...

Happy to help. You have my deets.