Thursday, March 26, 2009

Floundering like a bird with a broken wing in flight.

The last weekend was a whirlwind. Covering these tournaments is so much fun, ,but man is it hard work. Especially with only two people to run around and get the content.

I have my thoughts on it, and would like to write about the real stories that happened during the tournament. Which I will. When I get time. But for now, it's back to catching up.

The daughter has her surgery tomorrow, and honestly, I'm not a whole bunch worried about it. Just very anxious. I can't worry until I know what the problem is, and right now, it's just about getting something out of her.

This has led to some introspective bull shit on my part. I've always approached most problems, issues, decisions, in life with one goal in mind. To fix them to the point where they are in good working order. No band aids or crutches. Sometimes it's easier to do it that way based on the situation, but most of the times, it's really just a time consumer.

Most of the time you are wasting effort and resources on something that will need a complete make over. Maybe finances are in the way, or resources, or time. But in my experience, it has always been the better way to go. A full on plan of attack to remedy the solution. A cure, if you will.

So I'm sitting in the house and my neighbor comes over and says, "dude, there's a bird lying in the street flopping around." I go outside and look up the street, and there it is. A rather large Robin laying in the street flopping around.

Obviously it's trying to fly, but has zero success, or ability, so I walk up there to get a better look. As I am, a huge hawk flies over head. I noticed it's shadow on the street. Ok, so there's the culprit. Hawks gotta eat too.

I know the hawk isn't going to swoop down and grab his prey while I am standing there, so I kick the thing away from the curb to give the Hawk a better target.

My neighbor asks, "what are you doing?". I explain to him that the hawk probably hit him in the air and now he has to go get him. "You're going to let this happen?" He seemed genuinely disappointed about my actions.

"What the hell do you want to do about it?" I snapped. "You just can't let the thing lie there and die?!" "Then you go pick it up and let it suck on your tit for a week while he gets back to health."

He goes on to say, look, there's a bird in the street. It's a living thing. We just can't let it die. My thoughts were, why? Why can't we let it die. Who's to say that if the hawk didn't get his meal, that HE wouldn't die. Who are you to choose?

More to the point, who's to say that if you actually DO rest this thing back to health, and in flying condition, that another hawk won't get it the very same day? Plus, I really wanted to go hide and watch this Hawk swoop down and destroy this bird. I dig shit like that.

Now, this story isn't what it seems. It only got me to thinking about how we fix problems given the certain parameters that are attached to them. Problem 1: Bird has a broken wing Problem 2: Bird is going to be eaten by a bigger bird Problem 3: Who gets to choose who lives and who eats? Problem 4: Why are we spending so much time on some horsehit problem that neither of us are going to care about come friday when we are shoving flush draws and check raising with Aces. Problem 5: Are we just in our remedy? Problem 6: is any effort spent on this really going to make a difference?

Bah, I'm still exhausted and not making much sense. I'm moving on....


Julius_Goat said...

Hold, hold, hold, hold.

smokkee said...

poor little birdie.

Tom McMenamin said...

More to the point, who's to say that if you actually DO rest this thing back to health, and in flying condition, that another hawk won't get it the very same day?

The is EXACTLY why I don't wipe my ass each and everytime i have a bowel movement.....the exact same thing is gonna happen in approximately 12 hrs anyhow....what's the sense ? (not a rhetorical question)

Drizztdj said...

What is, is. What isn't, there's beer.

I'll raise your confusion level with that saying.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Would people get upset if it was an hawk swooping down to pick up a field mouse...I doubt it.

Tom McMenamin said...

Or why isnt' the same person upset when his wife or child takes a tissue and kills one of those God damned "stink" bugs ? Is the bird in your storys' well being any more important than the life of a lowly stink bug simply for the fact that it MAY be a bit more cute and cuddly ? Why does he get to play the part of God ? Fuck him !