Sunday, January 4, 2009

We love you Denver! City by the Bay! John Denver!

I trust everyone had a spectacular holiday and are square with getting back into the normal stretch of life. The last two weeks of every year are always sort of a mini vacation for me. I take that time doing, well, as little as possible. Then just blast into the new year with goals, decision trees, and other time management nomanclature to hopefully make the year prosperous, successful, and just as simple as possible.

There will be things to overcome this year. Death is imminent for some close ones who have become ill. Births are abound, marriages, and graduations. Some will fall on hard times financially, and some will find a way to to finally break free of their jobs and realize a dream they would never not think possible.

I have decided that online poker will no longer be able to fulfill my needs. It's not entertaining anymore, and has become nothing more than a time waster. Now, this doesn't mean that I will cease play forever. You may (and probably will) see me in a few tournies along the way, but I won't be on every day. And I certainly won't be playing at the levels I was. I will focus on live play this year and will put a list of tournaments and ring sessions together that I will play in. I have a ton of things to write, and to finish writing and will mainly focus on poker, the industry, and probably some pimps as well.

Here's to a great year! Whatever it may bring!

And don't forget about tonight.... J Goats Bankroll buster on FT. Play it, and have fun! Its the beginnig of the year for goodness sake!


Shrike said...

Is this taking the place of the promised big posts? ;)


Instant Tragedy said...

Take a moment and realize that only you can determine your happiness.

And I support you!

So when is the big announcement?

That you are no longer jammed up?