Saturday, January 17, 2009


I made mention in the previous post that even the Eagle hater, Meryll Hodge had picked the Eagles. Well, that didn't happen. Hodge picked the Cards, showing me how much of a fraud that clown is. I watched an interview on ESPN or some other sports network before he made his pick on the ESPN site, and he made mention how the Eagles "D" would get after Warner and the Cardinals offense like they had never seen. He talked up the Eagles pretty hard, so I assumed he would be picking the Eagles.

That didn't happen. I have received comments about the Cardinals winnig, and heard some commentary on reasons why they will win. I happen to agree with most of that commentary on how they will win, or why they did win if they do.

There is no doubt they are playing on a different level, ad their offense is running on all cylinders right now. I love Warner, Edge is back, and Fitzgerald is one hell of a kid. I know him personally from a friend who taught him when he attended Valley Forge Military Academy. Very cool young dude.

I won't be surprised if they win, but I have to believe that the Eagles will be in Warners face all day long. If that happens, I can't see Arizona putting up any kind of fight. Unless of course McNabb plays his "every other week" type of game. But this isn't the regular season. Andy has changed up a little and there are very cagy veterans on this team that know exactly what to do and more importantly, recognize this as a last chance type of deal as well.

I don't see this as a close game at all. One team will have all the mojo and will move the ball pretty easily. Eagles 31-17.

Pittsburgh and Baltimore are a little harder of a call. Even though Vegas has Stillers at a 6 point favorite I can't see this as being such an easy call. Most "experts' have picked the Stillers, and this one seems to have been already decided.

But how can you discount Flacco? More importantly, how do you dismiss the Ravens Defense. The steeler's offense isn't what I call a juggernaut. Although they are solid all around, I think the Ravens d will take this game a little more serious than a regular season contest.

It's exactly because of this D why Flacco has had the success he has. His numbers aren't that stellar either but he doesn't turn the ball over. But the Steelers still have the obvious edge with experience and just overall a better team.

Steelers 20 Ravens 14.

An all PA Superbowl in the making. I was going to try to live blog the game, but will be too busy partying while watching so that's not going to happen. Have fun watching!

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Well, McNabb went and had his "every other week" game after all. I am so effing disgusted with ending the season every other year by Reid getting laughably outcoached and McNabb having his worst game of the season in the clutch. We shoulda got rid of those two clowns three seasons ago now.