Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hail to the chief

Congratulations to Barrak Obama and the democratic party. And congrats to the citizens of the United States and the people of the World. I don't really know where to start.

First, I am happy and excited with the election of Obama. I truly am. I didn't vote for him because I resented the fact of being called selfish for not wanting to change the foundation of what are country was built on. I was insulted when I was told it was time to be Patriotic. But I recognize the need for change. Whatever that change may be. However it may come.

But the last years have been so mired in hatred, that a complete shift of leadership in this country is obviously what people wanted. Regardless of the change of values on how this country was built, and what this may mean for the future of our country and how opportunity will flow, and more importantly, be able to be taken advantage of. Or even questionably, will want to even be taken advantage of.

This country has always been about doing it yourself. It was founded on the belief that everyone would be able to have the opportunity to create their own wealth. Or they could create their own opportunities. The land of the free. The home of the brave... Brave.

The meaning of this word in this context escapes most I think. It doesn't just mean shedding your fear and standing your ground in the face of danger. It means having the fortitude to accomplish your dreams, regardless of risk, with hard work and determination. Doing this while keeping in line with your values and shunning the skeptiscism and doubt of everyone else around you. That is true bravery. That is what is missing from this country.

It also means you reap what you sow. You pay taxes for bridges and roads, and services that will help the greater good of the people. Not to help some prince or sheriff get rich. I don't want to help anyone else get rich either unless they show that they are willing to work for it. And I wont do it with money. I will do it with knowledge and sweat. but no free rides.

I remember learning about the land rush in 1893. America was in the worst depression it had seen since the founding of the country. What was the governments decision? Have a race. It wasn't, lets divide it up and give a little piece to everyone. It wasn't, lets take care of our richest friends. It wasn't lets give it to the poorest people. It was first come first serve. Opportunity. Go get it. have at it. May the best man win.

These are things I love about his country. We will see if it's about to change.

I salute Obama, and pledge to him my full support. I will hold him and his administration accountable, as I have every single previous administration. I do not, and will not hate. I want the hate to stop. I have already seen posts out there still spewing hate about Bush. I have also seen posts speaking to voters who didn't vote for Obama calling for the end to hatred. "Regardless of your values and stances on issues, he is your President now, and you should offer him your support." Where was that credo when it came to Bush?

The world is certainly happy today. They have no idea why, other than Bush is out of office. I guess. And they probably have no idea why that is either. But I'm glad we could appease the rest of the world. That makes up for a lot.

Now its time for us.


Katitude said...

"They have no idea why"

Yes. We do. And it's more than just Bush being out of office.

BamBam said...

That was not the night breeze gently rustling the last of the leaves off of the trees in the heart of the US of A as the announcement was made official my friend.

That was the rest of the World, collectively breathing a sigh of relief.

Riggstad said...

For what other reason than just a black man being elected. You could have breathed that same breath in January anyway.

Why then? What is so special about it?

This guy has no background, zero experience, and the absolute wrong platform to run on with the economy running in the direction it is.

What sigh of relief do you refer to?

The exact reason why I state, you have no idea why. Cause all I hear is those little quips, without reason, or evidence why.

Astin said...

Fuck it, I wrote a big long response, but it'll be a blog post eventually.

Riggstad said...

lol, I've done that several times today.

write yours, and we'll trade back and forth

Bayne_S said...

If McCain was so smart about economics his wife probably would not have made him sign a pre-nup and he would have known how many houses they own.

At least Obama does have Buffet advising him but don't think either candidate has background for current financial mess.

One thing we certainly learned the last few years is the market needs calm measured words ala Greenspan vs. the panic inducing chatter of W. or Bernake.

No matter what else you think of Obama he does portray calm far better than McCain

Riggstad said...

I totally agree with you Bayne. Hence why he gets my support.

I just want to see him perform now.

Unlike the 85% of the time he spent in the senate campaingning for the presidency.

At least it wasn't vacation :)

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I plan on doing a blog post but only to kinda lay out my thoughts. I love your post, btw. I am generally liberal in social issues but I don't want to give my money to poor people. I mean I am a freakin poker player. If there's a player dying at my table, I will still do what I can to take his money. Ok, so I'm heartless. Whatever.

I think Obama is good as a symbol of change in foreign relations. I hated Bush, I was anti-war, I was anti everything he did. But that's just me. I don't ask the americans to support obama. That's kinda silly.

But I do agree that most voters probably don't know exactly what they want but Bush pretty much lost the election for the republicans. And Palin. God, I hate her.