Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A little Bodoggy never hurt anyone

I've been playing Bodog exclusively for about a month now. After the BBT I expempted myself from FT because I just couldn't take the horribleness of how I was running.

And yes I was running ridiculously stupid. How many times can top sets get coolered, straights get flushed and bigger pairs get 2 outed?

Anyway, playing on bodog has been ridiculously easy. The only issue is the minimal games they have. the PLO rooms are my favorite but they only have so many rooms to play in.

I took about $1100 in profit off of those tables yesterday alone, when everyone waits to push their K high flush draws on the turn.

The tourny's are soft as well, as documented in several blogs. The coolers still happen, but the paly is horrid enough to overcome when you lose a buy-in with set over set.

So if you aren't on, I suggest you get on. I hope the new Beta software ( I haven't seen it yet) offers the things they dont have yet. I still haven't found a time request, and hh's are near impossible to go through.

But the play is pretty weak, and the money is there to be had.


pokerpeaker said...

I love their cash games. Very profitable.

Instant Tragedy said...

SHHhhhhhhh Don't let all the sharks take over OUR tank!

Don't tap the glass!

Irongirl01 said...

shh after reading blinders articles on the lax sngs I starting playing more on bodog. Easy pickins...

Ive done the self imposed exile from Full tilt several times. I do not have a blessed account and i suffer the same sick beats as you have been. I have a 100% negative ROI in no limit tourneys on that site over the last 120 days I believe. The doom card always always comes.

lightning36 said...

Today at Full Tilt, within ten minutes ... I coolered someone top set over bottom set (both flopped) and then coolered myself -- Aces full of tens vs rivered quads.

katitude said...

goddamn Bodog.

Astin said...

What Kat said.