Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I've written a long and very poignant post about someone in particular that I can't post. I need to calm the fuck down and reread once I have my head together. But it will be up shortly.

My plans to be in Vegas tomorrow have crashed and burned, partly because I took someone on their word, all the way up to the last minute, being told, YES! YES! YES!, like a who-uh taking it in the dumper (and liking it)... Only to have to pry it out of them 24 hours before go time, that they are a lying sack of shit.

So, because of that, I have to postpone til Thursday. Assuming we don't fly into the Rockies (because I am running that good), Al and I should touch down at McCarren sometime around 11pm Thursday evening.

See you all then... I"ll be sure to fill you all in on the shittiness that has taken place, personally. Makes for a fantastic DRAMEDY!!!



23skidoo said...

I just can't get enough..blogger drama!!!

Happy trails.

Instant Tragedy said...


Astin said...

Please define "shortly" as it's been 24hrs and I've been reloading Google reader every 32.5 seconds during that time. I need sleep and nourishment! And DRAMA!

Or whatever. Stories of Vegas happenings will also be welcome when they come.