Monday, July 28, 2008

Dream sequence... con't

We arrived at the August Moon and were greeted by several bloggers who missed the golf. Fuel and Pirate Lawyer where standing on the staircase, having a debate on who was the best impressionist, and which was the best bottle of wine to drink while doing so.

We had all gathered in the parking lot waiting for everyone as they pulled in. Pauly's was the last car to get there and as he pulled in, Drizz let out a big "OWNED!". Pauly was shaking his head talking about a chop, and Drizz was doing some sort of a chicken dance.

We all piled into the Banquet room, some hanging out near the buffet, and some staying outside to grab a smoke. A lot of the Riverchasers players where there that were recognizable by name from playing in the online events. Surf was overheard telling Mcmenamin that he thought his head would be smaller. He looked him up and down, then looked at me. He then exclaimed, "Its a lock!" referring to the weight loss contest we had agreed to.

Bayne looked over at me and asked where the guy named Kevin_w_AK was. I pointed to him and he stormed over like he was going to punch him. Kevin ran away.

LuckTruck was setting up the tournament and Chang was running around making sure everyone was going to stay afterwards to play cash. Ftrain was telling everyone how much better the food was in China and Bwop was campaigning for a mixed game format.

The tournament got underway and all was a blur. Al was missing a lot of hands and was spotted over near the mini-bar asking he waitresses if they had enough Soco.

I was drinking scotch with Bam and Pushmonkey and don't remember a whole lot of the tournament. But here are some of the things that stood out...

1. The hammer was 3-betted 19 times. It won everytime. 12 preflop and 7 post flop.
2. Fuel was out on the third hand when his flopped set of kings was run down by runner quad 5's... by Evy
3. Pauly lost more than 5 buyins prop betting red and black flops with Miller. His new best friend.
4. Chang was considered the biggest Donkey of the night by most bloggers when he couldn't lay down second pair (correctly), no less than 3 times. He pissed off his table full of bloggers when he tried to go all in three times with the caveat of ... "I"m all in except my whites"
5. CK took a poll on what she should do. Stay in Vegas, or move someplace else. Opinions seemed to vary.
6. Kat and Jo where making fun of EVERYONELSE's accent
7. The tournament ended in a 5 way chop. Everyone who lost explained that they just wanted to get to the cash game anyways.

The cash games commenced. Some sat at one of three tables, and others mingled by the minibar drinking, and others on the stairwell outside grabbing a smoke.

When I noticed the clock it was nearing 6am and everyone was talking about the Pub in less than 6 hours. People started heading back to their billets and we all awaited what was to come next.

to be continued....


Fuel55 said...

arrrrrrr Billy ....

BamBam said...

I know this is supposed to be your dream and all, but isn't it kind of weird that I see some of it as a deja'vu?

I mean Imagine! You, me and Push having a Scotch! Un-real I know, and yet I can't get it out of my head.


Instant Tragedy said...

Irony it is... ;-)


Drizztdj said...

I will prop bet on just about anything.

But, a guess the woman's rack size bet will need a full viewing and handling before I pay anyone off.

That and I demand five minutes alone afterwards.

Evy said...

I heard somewhere that presto was gold.

And that 5 minutes alone with yourself? or the rack in question? Because if you mean the rack, remind me to enter the contest....:)

Tom McMenamin said...

Guess i better start taking this weight loss bet a bit more serious ! Unluckly for you, i believe i'm gonna be able to kill two birds with one stone. I found a 100% guaranteed cranium weight loss program via the internet. it assures me with the vast weight i'm carrying around on my poor neck (they know these figures, since they make you fill out a form before making any guarantees), that i'm going to be able to lose a minimum of 18 lbs before August 30 all of which will be from North of my neck. Granted 4 ounces of that weight well be via a lobotomy, but weight is weight.

Shrike said...


I'm more likely to be passionately arguing about single malt than I am wine, but I could see myself arguing with Fuel about anything and everything. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jim, not sure what that meant, but i love the fact i was mentioned! lol


katitude said...

Say "tournament" for me! *grin