Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I was perusing the local news sites today trying to find a story I heard about a local gambling, sportsbook, and Loan Sharking business getting schooled by law enforcement. Apparently it was a 4 year investigation. (so stupid to take so long). Here is the link if you're interested... Whenever you are dealing with someone with a name like Nicky the Hat, you know you have issues.

But I found this more interesting...

Starbucks is closing 600 retail locations???

600?? Really? an average of $4 a cup isn't enough to keep the rent paid, and turn a profit?

Now, I was never a big fan of starbucks anyway. I think Americans like their coffee to burnt and robust, which really is not the best way to enjoy a nice cup of joe.

I have a friend from Columbia (the country, not OH or SC), who brings me or sends me some stuff every now and then, and it is absolutely the best coffee I have ever had. And it is not drip type stuff either.

I have several different types of ways to prepare my coffee. Usually its a trip to dunkin dognuts in the morning after dropping the kids off to school (Sept-June, not the toilet... it reads school, not pool!). Dunkin Dognuts is always my favorite type of retail coffee because of how hot they brew it. Thats what makes a good cup of coffee. A very very hot brew.

The Borgata actually makes a real good cup as well. Surprisingly enough.

But in the summer months, without having to leave every morning, I usually brew with this tpye of coffe maker.

Of course a press is always on hand and allows you to just boil the shit out of the water to get a really good steaming cup.

I also have a nice perculator that I got as a pot for camping which absolutely gets me the best cup everytime.

But enough of that... Starbucks? Really? 600 stores?


Astin said...

Well, that's 600 stores less suck out there now.

Man, you had me until the percolator. Those things are a sin against coffee.

Riggstad said...

i tell you what... you come down for the bash and I'll make you a cup from each...

See if you can tell the difference

pokerDegen said...

The best coffee I've had was brewed in a Clover coffee maker; see http://www.chow.com/stories/10853.

The unfortunate thing? Starbucks recently bought the Clover coffee company, so the coffee retailer with the worst roasting technique is going to have a monopoly on the best way to brew coffee.


Oh yea, percolater? Running coffee over and over again over used coffee grounds? Gee that just sounds yummy, don't it?

Tom McMenamin said...

did you really just jot down your opinions as to the best way to brew a cup of coffee. You had me at your conundrum of what to do in the summertime when you don't have to drop the kids off at school.

Shrike said...

This was nearly a flawless post until you used the P-word. ;)

Riggstad said...


That bad?

Nothing better than camp coffee... really!

BWoP said...

There is a Columbia in your home state of Pennsylvania too.

Anonymous said...

What one person considers good coffee another person would consider dirt water...I happen to like SB's. Besides, SB's is truely a real estate investment company and not a coffee selling company. Like many these days they are taking a whoopin in real estate too.

BamBam said...

Dude !

Perked coffee?????????

For real?????

We need to talk man. Maybe over a nice Irish Coffee or perhaps you're a Hazelnut fan? Ski-bunny coffee it is then.

Lack of booze posts are just plain annoying!


Instant Tragedy said...

Thus the reason I drink water, diet coke, gatorade and crown.

Water over beans farmed by some donkey is so -EV.


4dbirds said...

I hated coffee until I discovered Starbucks. I also like many of the mom and pops coffee establishments. Also a cup of coffee at Starbucks is not 4 bucks. A cup of Pikes Place is a dollar something. If you want a fancy foo foo drink, then yes you start paying about 4 bucks.

My dad drank percolated coffee. Perhaps the reason I was well into my 30s before I gave the drink a second try.

Astin said...

Camp ANYTHING is awesome... because you're camping. The "quality" of camp food is proportional to how much work it took to get to the site.

Just like beer never tastes better than it does after moving into a new place.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm incredibly late to this discussion (when I tried to post before, the word verification wouldn't pop up)...
After reading this I went poking around the interweb looking at the various devices out there and came across the Aeropress on one of the Clover articles. It got some raving reviews, so I figured 25 bucks was pretty easy to shell out on a whim... best $$ I ever spent. This thing makes the best coffee EVER. Seriously. You NEED to give this thing a try. It seems to work on the same principals as the Clover, but it's cheap as hell + a snap to clean.
Been a reader here for a while, but don't post that much (usually nothing to say) - love the blog btw...