Monday, June 16, 2008

My kids own me, and Tiger Woods is retarded

First off, Tiger woods really is retarded... I mean C'MON!!!! two sick sick putts and a chip in on Sunday to get him into a playoff, and then all the way through Monday against poker playing Rocco Mediate, when Rocco shoots the lights out, and Tiger plays kinda meh...

They get to 18 with Tiger down 1, and he birdies to tie and press more free golf. Can anyone, will anyone argue that Rocco just finally gave up? Not in a bad way on his part, but the fact that playing against Tiger just wore him down? If it was Davis Love III, and they halve the Monday match, does he fall apart like that on the first hole of sudden death? After a stretch of holes on the back nine, mind you that saw him overcome a 3 shot deficit AND take the lead!?!?

In golf, momentum is everything. There is no way he fails like that on one hole after that run if he doesn't think he is up against insurmountable odds. The likes that only Tiger can invoke in opponents.

Congrats to him I say (Rocco, that is) for standing up and almost getting it done. Now its off to the WSOP for him. And a huge congrats to Tiger, possibly the best commpetitor this earth has ever seen. (all deference to Michael Jordon)

Fathers day was fun at the beach. Lots of kids stuff and sun and sand and a huge meal. Which I preferred to prepare because it was fathers day, and I like to cook. So I did. I couldn't figure out what to make and cooking for 10 adults, and 8 children would be a task not so tough given the fact that I wanted to.

Off to the grocery store to see what I wanted to prepare. I couldnt figure it out so I did all three... Fish (mahi) Steaks, Chicken (split breasts), and some shrimp that I put into a nice yellow rice dish. Broccoli, Asparagus, some corn on the cob, and of course, a salad for the masses.

After dinner the kids start piping out presents and cards for the fathers. Pop Pop, uncle Brendan, Uncle Timmy, and of course, me. Everyone got some really cool cards, and some really cool presents. T-shirts, coffe mugs, etc... Status Quo.

But I got something from the 10 year old that at first I thought was something she was put up to do by the wife. It was a card that she made and explained that I would be able to wait to give her her present until August when we come back down to the beach house.

It was a home made coupon of sorts for a pre teen spa package at one of the local resorts here. I laughed, and showed it to everyone, and they laughed, and she stood there. Stern. With a mean face. Looking like we were all nutty for not taking this seriously. I asked her if her mother had put her up to it, and she said no.

Then she explained that I wouldnt be a father without her and from where she stood, I owed her a present. And she was serious. As serious as dick cancer.

I couldnt even argue. So instead of waiting til august, she is heading over on Thursday with her cousin Caitlyn. C= 10 the other C = 13. godd times... should set me back a nice $300...

Good Times!


HighOnPoker said...

"As serious as dick cancer."


RaisingCayne said...

A Father's Day "gift" of an expense huh? Wow, parenthood is so rigged! (I'm really just jealous of your daught here though I think, as I can't imaging what my Pappy would do if I included an invoice with my Father's Day card!)

Happy Belated Pa's Day Riggs!

And hey, I really enjoyed your last post regarding the recent drama. Because, while I too found some of the actions immoral, inexcusable, and downright infuriating... I just haven't been able to understand how the actions were deemed "cheating." Glad to now see I'm not the only one with confusion regarding how this conclusion was reached. (By no means am I trying to justify any of the actions... I just could NOT justify using the term "cheat" in this circumstance, that's all.)

SirFWALGMan said...

Wrapped around the pinky finger. Donkey!

katitude said...

A teen spa? 300? good lord, man. You are so pwned.

Schaubs said...

Davis Love III would never make it that far to begin with.

DL3 is terrible and will never win, or even have a chance on Sunday to win another major. period.