Sunday, June 22, 2008

how often does it happen that you actually hear what they mean to say?

Sand surf and kids = work
Sand surf and kids, and the fact that it happen to be a senior week for a bunch of kids (girls) from VA = work worht doing.

Chasing around the kiddies in the sand gives you a brand of anonimity as you gaze, glare, stare, and downright ogle the celebrating graduates who think they are entitled to an actual celebration for completing what will inevitably be the best times of their lives. Instead of celebrating they should be mourning.

This vacation was one where I did something that I normally don't do on vacations. And that is, actually relax, and enjoy what is supposed to be time off. And did I mail it in. I mean really, really just mailed it in. I had a total of over 690 (filtered to not inculde most spam) emails that I haven't looked at.

We got home last night at about 2am after deciding to wait around and try to grab one last day on the beach before heading home. Its a good 8 hour ride form there to here so leaving at 6pm was something I had come to terms with for the extra day in the sand.

It is all back to work for now though as some other things are starting to take shape business wise. It will be a miracle if we can pull some of the stuff off in time, but some projects I have been working on for a while are about to take a different form. all things will gel in Vegas.

Until then, its good to be back...

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