Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Technology crutches

It has been a crzy two weeks on the busy side. The weekend was choc full of kiddie stuff, and the business matters keep piling up.

I was running short of time, so last night, I had a meeting at my house with one particular guy who needed to see me so desperately, that he couldn't wait until this morning.

Perticelli was over and jawing with Buddy and IT pre radio show through the teamspeak on my laptop, so when the dude showed up, we adjourned to the dining room.

I didnt have my phone, and the laptop was obviously in use elswhere, so I brought a pad and paper.

Well, here's the issue... as we begin to discuss the business at hand, and I start to attempt to take notes, I realized that I forgot how to write.

That's correct. I forgot how to actually make a "c", or an "m" with the written pen. I didn't realize it until about 5 words into what I was writing. I looked at it and thought, wtf is that?

The meeting looked at me and asked what was wrong. I asked him to read what I just wrote, and he stated that it looked like some sort of shorthand.

Now, I thought for a second trying to remember when was the last time I actually put "pen to paper", aside from signing checks, contracts, etc..

And I realized something. I use the blackberry and the laptops usually to take notes anytime I am meeting with people, or someone else in the room is taking the notes and they just get emailed to me.

After thinking a while, I realized that it had probably been about 7 months, sine I actually wrote something by hand. Sick really.

I sat there and wrote out the alphabet, both in cursive and print. I figured it out but how retarded is that to start to write something and totally forget how to form a simple character.

Anywho... Congrats to Hoy for taking the skill series down. I went against him late when I had him by 3 or 4x' in chips. He was down literally to jut under 1400 in chips when I picked up A82 all diamonds... He raised with a Jh I think and I decided it was time to just go the distance. blinds were 200 400 I belive.

We got it all in on 4th and he showed 4 hearts. He flushed up and I bricked the low and my own flush missing the scoop and chop. That brought him right up over 3k and took me down to 2200. From there he went on a tear... Well done on your seat bro.

We made an announcement on the radio last night about broadcasting live from the Borg coming in May for their 2k entry, 300k guarantee with super stacks. 30k to start. I know some pros will be in town to participate and approached the boys at the Borg about doing the show.

Mook made some banners and I will be posting them here for you to rip off and pimp on your own blogs if you will...

Tonight is the mook, and I look forward to complete shitheadiness and cocknosery play to abound all the way to the final table. Love it!

Flame wars Disperse! All in fun people! all in fun!


Joanada said...

You may have forgotten how to write with a pen, but with words like shitheadiness and cocknosery, I'd say your vocabulary is progressing nicely.

Mookie said...

That 6-grade education is failing you man!

KajaPoker said...

you are so terarded man. this happens to me all the time. since my native tongue is Hebrew and I NEVER write or even type in it anymore I just can't do anything with it. ir doesn't help that it is a different alphabet and goes backwards. techology sucks. looking forward to the Borg show.

Hey while you're at it, why don't you arrange a Borg convention at the Borg? I crack myself up!

Buddy Dank said...

Funny. I realized quite a number of years ago that I no longer know how to write in cursive. Not sure exactly when that happened but it's a serious struggle if I try. Now it's all block lettering for me on the rare occasion I pick up a pen.