Friday, April 4, 2008

My two cents

I read Hoy's post today, and left a reply. After reading it I thought I would post it here...

and no, I don't begrudge Hoy for thinking BOOOM is ghey.

I too am one that does not see the abusive chat at all. I don't get it. What I do see is just fun and games for me. I begrudge no one any action they choose to take during any game.

Of course I might get hot, and dumbfounded, or even just surprised, but it doesn't make me think any more or less of any certain player.

Even Al has spewed a sentence or two when he loses a big hand to a somewhat questionable call, but of course its always in jest and not meant to harm.. at all

As far as the BOOOOOOOOOOMS...I mean c'mon people. Its not to antagonize the loser or losing hand. Its meant, from my perspective at least, as a cheer for the winner.Its a fun and happy thing. and if you notice, it has nothing to do with sucking out either.

Just as many BOOM's get typed out when the best hand going in wins as well.I think the gheyest thing is complaining, or pointing out someone elses bad play when the complainer had made, or makes a similar play just as often.Which I see quite frequently I might add.

Folks need to get over themselves, and understand what the BBT challenges are for. And that is to provide something a little (reads a lot) more valuable to a community of people as payback for their loyalty to the site they play on, the community with which they belong, and the overall support of the community as a whole.

And let me say this...Without the A listers starting and welcoming everyone into this comunity, the BBT wouldn't exist as it does today.

Without the B listers trudging along, inviting friends, poviding content and "getting" the word out to readers about it the BBT wouldn't exapand as it has today.

And without the C, D, E, F, and G listers, blogging, and telling friends, and bringing in the shear numbers of players, the BBT wouldnt offer the prizes we have today.

So everyone, at every level has added some value to what we are able to partake in. Who's better? Who's more valuable?We'll let the posts argue that!


fuckers! :)


OhCaptain said...

Yeah!!! The 'D' listers got mentioned! God Save us 'D' listers!

I just keep hoping that I wasn't one of the railbirds getting out of hand. I don't remember getting out of hand.

I see more truly aweful chat at the micro-level SNGs than I do at the blogger events, but hey, people get pretty bent out of shape when they drop the last $1.25 in their accounts.

I've receieved a booooom before, I just laugh it off. I know you mean them in no mean way. I get caught playin the hammer, I've got it comin'.

Thanks for remembering the 'D' listers!!!

Schaubs said...

You forgot to mention the Eh-listers!!

Oh and the Ghey-listers...

Jestocost said...

BOOOOOOOOOM! is ghey. I'm more of a KABOOOOOOOOOOM! kinda guy. YMMV

Fuel55 said...

Dont forget the K-listers either.

Booom your ass off baby!!!!!!!

If you cant take the heat get out of the fawking fireplace for god's sake Vive le HOY!

Instant Tragedy said...

What about us ZZZ-listers?