Monday, April 7, 2008

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Instant Tragedy 12:24 PM
You come from high school to high school.Yup, you have the geeks, sports studs, quiet ones, rebels, trouble makers and everyones friend. Can you fit people of our group into these molds?

IT left this comment on Kats blog to this post, so I thought I would take a go at it...

All in fun people! Don't get your asses all jammed up about it. All in fun.


The Jock - Mookie: He is/was a basketball coach, plays golf, likes all sport, and apparently has lots of sex

The Geek - Waffles: Is there any explanation needed?

The quiet one - Vinnay: Very, very quiet indeed. The kind of dude who you never know is there. Until you get to know him

The academic - CK: Always a logical look at every situation. That is, logic fueled (55) by ananlysis, skepticism and fact

The Rebel - Al: long hair, fun, drop of the hat attitude. Always going against the norm for the good of the people. Norm? There is no norm. It's what will make things the easiest and most fun for people all while giving the big middle finger to everyone else

The Troubleaker - Cracknaces: Never with the intent to harm, but to stir things up, purport the truth, and have a little fun. Always fun

The class clown - Bam Bam: Always pointing out that life should be fun, and taking advantage of every opportunity to do so. Nothing important is ever looked at too seriously, and will always find the funny in everything.

The Bully - Lucko: If he finds a weakness, you are getting picked on. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

The friend - Tragedy: Will understand, forgive, and accept everyone, and everything. Will go out of his way to help, and expects nothing in return

The popular one - Hoy: Will be appreciated and emulated by many, hated and reviled by few. Everyone knows who he is, and most hope and expect the best, few will wish great harm on him

The Headbanger - Bad blood: Guitars and guns! Loves him some metal!

The burner - Buddy Dank: The dude who is sooo laid back, cool, and open to anything. No hate for any one person, ,but dislikes the establishment. Everything can be fixed, and nothing is broken type attitude.

The Goth - Kat: loves her some old school punky bands. No acceptance from anyone needed, but cherishes the friendships. Lives without judgment, and doesn't push anything on anyone. But will go out of her way to explain everything when there is interest


BamBam said...

I approve of this post.
I actually found it kind of funny!

katitude said...

I am ALL for fun!!!!

Very funny post...made me LOL in class. And yes, in high school I was the punk goth; the only one in a high school of 200 kids.

SirFWALGMan said...

Haha Nice! I was hoping CK was the tramp. Oh well.

Mookie said...

Haha!! Too funny!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

You people love me? You really, really love me.

BWoP said...

At least you didn't use the term "nerd".

That would have been unsavory . . .

VinNay said...


KajaPoker said...

very funny