Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The man likes to play chess.. Let's find him some rocks

Played the Math last night... and he Martini open. It was Kats Birthday and I had completely forgot about it. Signed up last minute and proceeded to dust off 30 rebuys. Soooo good.

The math started off good, as I was catching some cards and caught big against schaubs. We go heads up, me with JJ him with AJ. flop comes AJx... We get it in on the turn and I hold up.

I got to another table with pretty even stacks, two were top 5 in chips. I attempted some steals and resteals only to be met with Jams.

right before the break, I repopped to 1000 with AQs. I think it was tiltaway who then shoved on me, and after thinking, I folded. I still had more than 5500 and wasn't ready to go to the mat with a marginal hand at best to his aggression.

After the break, on the button, I picked up 99. Lorreta was in the small, and I made it 350 to play. He reraised to 1000, and I shoved on him. To this point, either in the cutoff or button, I had folded twice to resteals, so it was clear that he could possibly be restealing.

He tanked for a bit and called with AQo. I normally wouldnt make that shove on just any player. The propensity to call there with even AT from some players is just too high, but he was someone I thought could fold. I certainly didn't want a call, but was willing to race against AK.

He flopped AQ and turned the boat and I was left with 220 or so. I had done nothing but shown down premium hands to that point, QQ, KK, etc...

From there I was rooting for him to go on and win the damn thing. Usually when anyone takes my chips, its my MO to root them on for the rest of the tourney. Unfortunately he dusted off the 11k he had in short order and was out by 20th or so.

I have to say I was extremely disappointed in that call, but it really makes no difference even if I had AK. He boarded two queens anyway.

Congrats to the winner, and see everyone at the Skillz tonight. And the Bodog for that matter...


katitude said...

Ty for playing babes - you RAWK!

Instant Tragedy said...

Shawshank Redemption.

One of the best movies EVER!