Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Check this out...

My company, being the best free roll tour in the country of course, offers our players shots at qualifying and earning buy-ins to $1000 -$25000 Borgata events. We do this on a rolling 6 week basis.

just like the online tour, anyone who wins a nightly event, gets entered into phase II satellite to win one of up to 10 seats.

This past weekend, one of the players who won their way into one of those seats, came in 7th in Sundays Borgata Ultra Super Satellite. That is 1 of every 50 entrants wins a $50,000 package of buyins to all most of the major events a year...

Coming in 7th, the y chopped, and he won A $10,000 buyin into one of the upcoming Borgata events, and $13,000 cash.

You can see all of the info here....

What is the ROI on winning $23,000k with Zero cost?

Anyway, congrats to Bob Woodruff for his accomplishment.

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Astin said...

Let's see... standard ROI calc is [(R-I)/I]*100

I = 0, R = $23,000

So 23,000/0 * 100

= Infinity x 100!