Monday, March 17, 2008

You know how I know you're Gay? You like Cold play

Scene 1: Sunday morning, sitting on the couch with coffee and a paper. Laptop on the arm of the couch, flannel pj bottoms, white wife beater t-shirt, half empty bottle of advil, wife gone for the day...

9 year old: Dad, you ok?
Me: go do your homework
9 year old: Seriously dude, you don't look good
Me: listen, do your homework or you can forget about Jodies this afternoon
9 year old: whatever... you don't have to be so hurtful about it - turns and walks off

20 month old son: (standing on the couch next to me, slapping my head with the force of a small toyota coasting into a wall) BALL!, BALL!, BALL!, BALL!

7 year old: (I pod in use, speaking a little louder than normal) Thats two nights in a row dad you missed movie night. You owe me. I want Burber king for lunch
Me: we'll see
7 year old: That's right. we WILL see won't we, and I want to go to the dollar store!

Me: rubs head furiously with both hands

3 year old: (standing awkwardly with in her Dora the explorer night gown) Dad, are you mad at me?
Me: why?
3 year old: Cause I pooped
Me: Where?
3 year old: Right here (looking straight at me, no physical indication with arm or eye movements)

20 month old boy: (still slapping my head) EEWWWWWWW!, Ball, Ball, Ball

Me: It's going to be a long day

7 year old: Oh you have no idea! (giggles and walks away)

My penance for a pretty standard blogger weekend I suppose. At least I didnt have to travel this time :)

I managed to ship two of them off to friends for play dates, had the boy sleep for a good 3 hours, and the three year old colored easter eggs. Of course, the kitchen table is a beautiful tie dyed looking mosaic of pastels and stickers...


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the visual is KILLING me lol!

OhCaptain said...

Feel your pain, dude. Those are the days that suck. Suddenly, "Dad!" just doesn't sound as good.