Saturday, March 15, 2008


[12:05] alcanthang: any time i am the voice of reason, something's not right :)

Thats right.. What started out as a quick meet up and off to poker turned into a long drinking marathon and who can get the drunkest, the fastest... and not play any poker :(

Al was disqualified because he had at least a good 4 hour head start. I got there second and dove right in. Of course by the time I had made the trek from the door to the bar, my first tall boy of scotch and water was already awaiting me.

Big Mike, Jdub, connie and Landow were all there and we discussed for about 30 minutes Connies goal for fundraising and how we thought it was too low. And then some other ideas for more events to help the cause. Then I jumped in to the Megatouch (of course)...

I hadn't hit the first card on the screen when I heard, "Riggs?". I looked over and it was Perry.
Perry is a new blogger, and somewhat sort of an unknown in blogger world, but he writes a good blog called stochastic confessions. I have had him linked for a while now and I suggest you take a gander into his foray of free Riverchasers tournies and the occasional trip down to AC.

About 2 minutes after I see Kat, Donkette, CK, and Millerd33 (soon to be yet another blogger), come strolling in to the sounds of BOOOOOOOOOOMS and BAM BAM's!

Let the games begin.

We intro'd everyone and of course, Al started the shots pouring. I called Bam for a dial a shot, Carson was called, IT was called, Joanada was called, Astin was called, and I' sure some others were called as well that I wasn't aware of because of my steady decline into the ranks of alcoholism.

Evy and Perticelli showed up and the party graduated upstairs to where the band was playing.

From there it was a trainwreck of more scotchs, more beers, a couple, four shots of Jack, and somewhere along the line I was handed some Jaeger Bombs. As much as I am guilty by association hanging with Al all the time, I really don't partake in libations to get drunk. and Rarely do when I decide to actually chill at home with a cocktail. Needless to say I wasn't ready, noe equipped for the ride that I was on.

After that I'll leave up to everyone else to finish the story because I don't really remember too much.

I woke up the this morning and the first thought that popped into my head was... Waffles must be right. I am a frat boy. What a cooler


Evy said...

umm....were you so drunk you confused me for Miller? I got there way before he did....he showed up even after Pert. Just to jog your memory, I was the one with the big tits. :)

BamBam said...

Thanks for filling in for me Brudder! Every Al-a-thon needs someone to step up to the plate, and promptly fall down!

Just glad it was someone else this time!


katitude said...

my liver may never recover.

and I can't wait to come down and do it again.

BWoP said...

K-6 is DA NUTZ