Friday, March 14, 2008

Now Cole, when that little needle goes up into the red and reads *nine thousand RPM*, that's bad!

I sit here this morning, anxious, nervous, and sad. I await a phone call. The worst kind of phone call. The kind that you don't know if it will be welcomed, or avoided.

The kind of call that will set you on a completely different path for the rest of your life, or the kind that will allow you to continue life, at least for a little while, with some sort of normalcy.

The kind of normalcy that makes you feel comfortable, happy, safe. The kind that allows you to sleep at night.

What am I talking about? Her name is Mary. I have known her for more than a year. And let me tell you ... she is one of the best I have ever had.

Yes, I speak of the man truck.

I dropped her off last Monday for inspection. The doctor told me that he was busy, and it would take a few days. I stopped by yesterday and knew she had an issue with a gasket that needed replacement.

But this morning, I got the call... Here is the list of damage so far

Head gasket
Timing belt
right rear tire - (which means all tires)
upper and lower right ball joint
Drive shaft U joint
rear seal

This is the worst kind of possible news for Mary... For as much as I love her, she only holds so much value. If the cost of repairs exceeds her value, as I input it into the equation, well then, she will have to be put down. Unfortunate as it is.

So say a prayer for her, and me, as I await this most unwanted call.