Thursday, March 13, 2008

Give away Take away

Lucko once again just rolled over the entire field last night earning, no taking, his second seat in a week to the TOC, inceasing everyones odds (who make the TOC) on gettting one of two WSOP ME seats in June.

By his own admission, he luckboxed his way, a'la Scott Fischman to that final table. Now, I don't think thats indicative of playing poorly. I just think he figured to play ultra aggressive, and if he held, he advanced. And that's what happened. So congrats to him!

The heads up match between him and lightning was pretty competetive. The chip lead went back and forth once but lingered on either side for a good amount of time.

I think Lighntning did himseld a disservice when I watched him limp on the button a few too many times only to watch Lucko auto shove everything and Lightning fold. In heads up play you have to raise from the button/ sb if you plan on coming into the hand. The only exception would be if you know your opponent is liable to raise any action from the big because of his stack, and has shown that he will, and you are holding a monster.

But then again, I think Lucko showed his propensity to call with any two, and with the seat being on the line, I can assume that light would rather see a flop then just shove it in and see if AJ holds up against 57. Which it didn't very often last night.

Well played by both though and your next shot is tonight at 9pm est in the Riverchasers...

If you were listening to BDR last night, you would have heard the mini telethon, no, interthon, to raise money for breast cancer for one of Al's friends. It was good and I think we reraised (pun intended) over $1200 for the worthy cause of protecting breasts.

If you haven't yet, stop by and donate here. And if you live in the area, in May we will be holding a Poker tournament to help raise even more funds. So drop a line if you are interested.

Also, IT is traveling to Orlando today for some awards thing and something else that is very important to him. Keep him in your thoughts, and wish him well!

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lightning36 said...

The second part of what you said re heads up was pretty much the way I was thinking. lucko basically only had $100 on the line (the difference between 1st & 2nd), but I had the TOC seat to shoot for.

Having seen lucko's willingness to raise and go all in with any kind of hand, I had to think about all the suckouts I had seen in the previous hour. He plays strong hands well also, so he is really difficult to read and play.

I was trying to mix up raising and limping with hands of various strength, particularly trying to trap if I had a great hand. You would not believe how many times he bailed out of a hand when I actually had a hand I was willing to go all in on. I swear that it seemed like he had a super-user account and knew what I had!

He slipped away when we were all in and I had him dominated with A-K vs A-rag. Toward the end, I let him get too far ahead, which ultimately cost me.

Aside from the disappointment in missing the TOC seat, I must say that it was one heck of a fun tournament.