Friday, March 28, 2008

"Look you, I'm very intelligent. If you can't be at least midly interesting, you might as well just shut the hell up...

...I mean, I'm drowning here! and you're describing the water!"

It has been a pretty quick winter without much ado about anything. Literally, not an inch of snow fell this season in these parts. And I was soooo desperately looking forward to purchasing a new snowblower. I guess it wasn't meant to be. and it got me to thinking....

I don't understand really, the little things that make me so happy. Shoveling snow, cuting the grass, felling a tree, swinging a hammer... (yes the one you use to drive nails)

Maybe I chose the wrong thing to do to earn my keep. I don't know. Or maybe I would loathe those things if I did them for a living, but I do know they bring me peace, and I look forward to them every season.

As spring falls upon us, I get excited about the possibilities... Cleaning up the golf clubs, receiving the Phils season tickets, (and paying for them with Full Tilt transfers is always gold), oiling up the old glove, even if it won't get any use this year. Taking the kids fishing, to ball games, picnics, having neighbors over, all the fun stuff that never really happens in the winter.

I write about this now because yesterday was really the first day we had of nice warm weather. It rained a little, but spring rains are as good as hot summer days in my book. I'm getting some landscaping done, and the house looks barren. They have yet to come back and mulch, plant the new bushes and flowers, and everything else other than rip out every bush, plant, or tree that was there.

The kids got a glimpse and inquired about doing a vegetable garden. Sounds good to me. I doubt we'll get anything to grow other than weeds, but thats not the point. Spending the time to prep, plant, and maintain the garden with the kids will be where its at for me.

I can see the arguments already between wifey and I as I allow the children to get all muddy and stupid with the hose, as she helplessly looks on hoping for kids to stay dry and clothes to stay clean. Another good part to look forward to!

It is going to be challenging this time around with everything I have going on work wise. It will be, to say the least, overwhelming to find time for all of this to happen, but somewhere along the way, things will fall into place, and everyone will be made whole to their expectations.

Tonights dilema lies between the cash game, the donkament, and the Villanova game (10pm est)

I think there is a possibility of doing all three if I really want to de-generate myself, but most likely just one. Possibly two. Right now I am leaning towards having some friends over, watching the game, and playing some online all the while. Of course if enough came over, I'm sure a live game would break out. Go figure.

Either way, have a great weekend everyone, and dont forget about this:

Tournament: Blogger Big Game
Where/when: Full Tilt, Sunday 21:30ET
Game: Superstack NLHEBuyin: $69+6 or Tier II token
Password: donkey


BamBam said...

$5 for Phils tickets?

I guess that sounds about right!


Have a great weekend my man.

Joanada said...

You can come shovel my driveway if you want - we had more than 5 inches of snow today