Thursday, March 27, 2008

"At least we tried our best!"... "Ha! That's loser talk!!"

If you happened to stay up last night (i mean this morning), you would have been able to watch an epic heads up match between myself and Hellory at the final table of the Mookie.

Those ass clowns on BDR made their picks (3 each) with 10 players left, and I was the last one standing. Of course no one can blame them. I held the Dank position at 14k in chips and it didn't look good. Then all of a sudden, I picked up QQ with three way action and tripled up. Next thing you know its Hellory and myself, after he put Trip out with KQ v KJ I believe.

He held a 2 to 1 chip lead going in to heads up, and I think we played 70+ hands finally ending up at 6k/12k levels.

The lead went back and forth several times, and I think we went a total of 40 hands in a row without seeing a flop. I think we saw a total of 5 flops all together.

I stole and restole a ton withot ever really getting any cards. The best hand I had with any action was AQ. 4 times I was walked and showed all 4 times KK and JJ, both twice. I never show hands. (hardly) Ever! But I chose to show these hands to create the perception that I was catching good hands with the amount of stealing and restealing I was doing, and hopefully continue on to be able to do so.

We hung around in the final minutes, pretty close in chips, until I lost 50k on a resteal attempt with 96of spades. That took me down to about 90k after folding in the bb to agression with 62o. The very next hand I picked up A6, open shoved, and he tables JJ. End of game.

I'm not angry or pissed, or upset, but I feel I I outplayed him pretty much the whole final table. I wasn't too worried about losing 1/3 stealing because I felt confident that I could get it back in short order. It was obvious that hellory wanted that seat more than anything else and I exploited what I percieved to be a very cautious and tight play from him.

And to that end, he outlasted me. Around the 5/10k blind levels it became obvious that restealing would be impossible unless I wanted to go to the mat with whatever two cards where in my hand. Basically any resteal attempt would have to be a jam, and I wanted to avoid running into him when he actually had a hand. and for that, he deserves the win. He stayed patient, let go of holdings I'm sure others would have played more aggressively, and I got stuck with the shitty end of the stick...

So be it. He played a very patient heads up table, and only repopped me about three times during the whole match.

A few observations I have... Its uncanny thinking back now how I might have done things differently. At 2:45 am, things are going by quickly. I was exhausted, and really almost fell asleep when it was 5 handed. It was hard to focus. Then, listening to BDR was probably a mistake on my part. Towards the end, The whole crew started to talk about how they were going to go off the air, c'mon guys push, lets get this over with, etc... I don't blame them at all. It was bad enough to have to be playing at that time with what was on the line, let alone be railing. And for me it was winning the mookie, moreso than the seat. This is my second, 2cnd place finish in the mook, and I desperately wanted that win with that field.

But listening to them, getting a sense of the rail comments, and feeling my own body shutting down, I think I may have tried to steal in spots that I normally wouldn't have. And maybe that would have made the difference.

And to all of you out there railing at that god awful hour... This is one of the coolest things in blogger world. the support everyone gives to each other. I know, I know, there is some degeneracy of just wanting to play, watching what we all have a little equity in, and so on. But I'm sure it lifted Hellory up as much as it did me. You people are hawesome!

Riverchasers tonight. See you there!


jamyhawk said...

Congrats on 2nd place.
Yeah, I fell asleep during that last half hour of your heads up play.
I really thought you were going to take it, by the way you were playing.

Donkette said...

Everyone, including Fuel knows that your the best player in the BBT3. Congrats on a job well done.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I went to bed.

Btw, what the hell do you feed donkette? You're the best player in the BBT3????? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

oh wait... :)


lj said...

i thought you played great. it was definitely surprising to see such patient hu play w/ the blinds what they were, and even though i was cheering for hellory, i was conflicted, and sorry to see you come up short. wtg on getting hu, though, and you'll be back there soon enough.

lightning36 said...

Hell of an effort there, Riggs. I know how you feel since two weeks ago lucko and I were battling it out late at night. Hard to keep your concentration due to the lateness and the amount of time invested.

We've still got plenty of opportunities to qualify. Hope to see you at the final table at Riverchasers tonight.

Mookie said...

Hell of a run from being the shorty at the start of the final table.

There's nothing wrong with 2nd place...blaahhh...I can't even type that with a straight face.

I feel your pain man.

BamBam said...

Great run Bro !!

The whole "Family" is proud of you EH !

Schaubs said...

That's what makes these things so damn hard to win. It's such a grind, right down to the final hand.

We tried to make sure we weren't inlfuencing hands... now that BDR is "almost" realtime, we will continue to be more aware of the hands in progress and apply the proper etiquette.

Congrats on 2nd, you'll get there very soon.

Schaubs said...
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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

In all seriousness, here's my take. You're good enough to win one and you will. I feel the same about myself. So close it was and that's great but I'm not gonna congratulate you for anything yet. I'll wait till you win.

You're one of the very few bloggers whom I have respect for in their games.

BWoP said...

Nicely played, Riggs.

Now let's hit the buffet!

katitude said...

Close, but no cigar time!

Shrike said...

Congrats, man. You'll win one soon.

I felt really dejected after that final table experience. My worst mistake of the tourney, bar none, was doubling you up with QQ vs. 88.

Evy said...

Sounds like it was a final table for the ages. I'm sorry I missed it.

Keep kickin' ass and takin' names, Riggs.

F-Train said...

Damn man, you suck. You couldn't win a poker match against ONE other player? How badly do you have to suck to lose that? It's not like he had a 6-1 chip advantage or anything!

(Kidding of course. Tough break. Next time.)