Thursday, January 17, 2008

This guy walks into a bar...

Waffles put a post up about the rumblings going on over the internets, and more prevelant in the poker forums about Brandi Hawbaker.

I don't, or didn't (thanks to waffles) know much about the little drama going on but once I started reading, I was hooked. Hot chics and trouble always go hand in hand and are better than any news pertaining to national security, the economy, or who is going to go to the superbowl.

While reading I becam obsessed with seeing this chic naked. No reason why, other than I guess I'm a dirty guy who likes boobs.

And in some sicko way I thought seeing her naked might lessen the severity of judgement I lay down on this retard based off of what I was reading about her antics.

Now, I usually go straight to the source when I am looking for naked photos of celebrities, or infamous people. But i didn't feel like getting ripped again, and I knew this one was going to be a doozy. I could see his reply go something like, "seriously, are you kidding?" (when I asked him about Robin Tunney recently, he laughed and called me an infant!)

So I decided to venture out through google all by myself. I understand that this is probably old news for all of you, and most likely boring as well, but I am soooo proud of myself I just have to share.

This is what I came up with:

Silly Brandi

Slutty Brandi

Stupid Brandi

and hot Brandi

Be kind to me for being noobish :)

(editors note: I'm sure these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg, and probably a little JV. If anyone wants to enlighten the audience of where some other are, feel free to do so in comments)

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Chad C said...

Even ugly girls cause drama ;)