Monday, January 14, 2008


Several thanks to different folk for different things today.

First is to Mook for setting me up with some plays for the Girls Bball team. We lost a game we were expected to be blown out in by a very fast, run and gun type team. What he gave me allowed us to slow things down and we actually had the lead going into the 4th period. Some unlucky transistions, and we lose by two buckets.

After the game I went to a charity benefit that some folks were running, I knew the tourny was over but there was a cash game going on and I couldn't resist. Snakster was there and won. Go read his recap. He also gave me a Christmas present since I hadn't seen him since before the holidays. What a nice gesture, and completely unecessary, but thank you! Good lookin' out!

I was with a friend who was celebrating his 46th birthday and he was anxious to play. The table had 8 players already and some money on the table. Considering it was only .25/.50 no limit holdem, I didn't expect much, but there was over $1800 in the til. The game played more like a $1/$2 game at the Borgata with $15 preflop raises. So funny.

I bought in for $100. the first hand I played was 66. There was a raise, and a call so I smooth called, with the blinds both just calling.

The flop came 5 6 9. It checked to me and I checked knowing that the BB was just a blaster and was sure to put a significant bet out there. He did. About $20. Another guy called, and I shoved for about $70 total. Blasters hands were shaking so I immediately thought he flopped the str8. I mean he was so sure of his hand I knew I was dead. First caller folds and blaster tables JJ. I giggled a little and showed him my set. He grimaced and threw his cards into the muck when the turn and river blanked. I asked him if he thought I would make that move with out at least KK-AA or the str8 or set? He said "whatever", and I said, I'm sorry.

Now, there was another guy there, who was pretty much unknown. Obviously a real douche, (at least drunken douche), who was the epitomy of a Metro Sexual. Dressed the part and wouldn't shut up about his Corvette in the parking lot. He was pushing people around at the table always asking if anyone wanted to go all in blind, heads up for his stack, which was over 300 at the time. I later found out that he had bought in for over $500. He was doing a lot of string betting and people started getting very tired of his antics. He was being quite endearing to most with his shut the fuck up's and I'll do what I want type comments. I was tryin to be the nice guy and let him get off a couple of times, but he kept going and going.

He played every hand with $20 preflop raises, and $50 flop bets no matter what came. It was getting tiresome. One guy took him up on his offer for all in blind. They were dealt 2 up cards each and the the board then dealt. Hero won with about $80 in his stack when he caught one of his cards that were behind to his A. Beautiful!

Then he starts getting into me a little. At that point he had already gotten in to two direct conflicts with seperate people. One of them a woman. Almost comical, but I was trying to keep the peace. then he gets after me with the all in blind routine. I told him I wasn't interested, and that I was there to play poker. He said that it was poker and called me a name. I looked him up and said "infant, stop talking", as I closed my hand and said shhhhh. This kind of jammed him up a little, and he came back yelling "INFANT??? INFANT???". I said, listen, you are now disrupting the game, and you need to close your mouth. He replied by telling me to "suck it", and that was just about enough for me. I got up out of my seat rather quickly, and another player stopped me saying, let it go. I looked at him and said if he didn't stop, or said one more word, that he would spend the next 5 minutes picking up teeth.

Now, I'm not exactly proud of myself, and moreso embarrassed than anything else, because I let this idiot, who was very drunk, get to me that way. After watching him blast off with absolutely nothing, stealing and showing complete crap, and losing several hands just by being called down, I figured the best way to make myself feel better was to just take his money. I limped mp with K 10 and saw a flop of 10 Q x... two diamonds. he bet and I reraised and he called. turn was another diamond, he bet out and I jammed. He was all tore up and I figured he was posing with yet another stupid bluff, when he asked me if I caught the flush. I sat silent, and he made the call. I had him covered by about 80, and he tabled 10 10 . I had no diamonds at all and was drawing dead. Karma is gold!

I wan't to upset, I just wanted to get into it with him and lost. He tried to leave but was so damn drunk I told him he wasn't going anywhere. He stopped drinking, we made him some coffee and we apologized to each other. All was well.

I was card dead and tilting so I folded for the next hour when I picked up Q 10 of spades in the small to a min raise. There was 4 of us in the hand. the flop came 10 high, and he first guy let out $5 with the second guy calling. I was running so bad I figured I might just fold here with the preflop min from UTG, opting to just get away with what might be a very strong hand. But after thinking about it I decided that a raise would be the better play. If I get reraised, I could easily get away. I made it $20. behind snap called, utg folded (?), and second called. Now there is $70 in the pot and I'm thinking there is no way I get away unless second jams the turn. He checks, so I jam. Behind me lines his chips up and tanks... I figure I'm dead to A 10 from the second guy and just assuming that Mr. Tank is on a draw. He is a very bad player and I had no idea of his holdings other than a draw. He calls, and second tanks. He ends up folding as well.

I look at the caller and ask what he has, which is when he tables 10 5. 10 5!!. I giggle again, and just say, man you are beautiful! River comes an unecessary Q and I rake the pot. That got me almost back to even for the night.

I had earlier ran QQ into KK for the rest of my stack after the K 10 hand so this hand almost made me whole.

It was a fun night playing with people I usually don't play with. Birthday boy wanted to drink for his birthday so I filled him up with some of the xmas present. I drank the neck, he drank the other half of the bottle. leaving me enough left to savor during the next few blonkaments. Good Times!


Chad C said...

Girls play basketball? Hahaha just kidding. Seriously though you should teach them to play like the Pistons and Spurs. Keep a simple 3-2 defense going. Run the shot clock out on offense and get high % shots......

Mookie said...

Glad I could help man. I'm still looking for those inbounds plays.

corron10 said...

you should've made him pick up teeth....

snakster said...

I'm really wishing I had stayed for that game.

Anonymous said...

Still doesn't top the dude in the wheelchair story. HAHAHA