Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mookie does it again!

Mookie the Tournament.. that is, the life sucking slit that hoards all things sane and laughs at excellence!

I swear sometimes she lies in bed with the FT rng, eating a bowl of popcorn, with a remote in hand, switching the cards like tv channels searching for the most entertaining outcome. All the while laughing hysterically, stopping every now and then to grope each other because of the hornyness brought on by the laughter and devious deception.

I played very agressive last night and got to 4k+ very quickly. IT raised preflop and I re'd from the sb with 77. The flop came K x xr. Being first to act, I raised the pot. If he re's there I obviously fold, and I'm not too concerned playing back from T2400 which is what I had left after the raise, but he folded, and I win a relatively nice pot.

Second hand I play I see A9 s. I am oop and with a min raise and 3 callers I thought of actually stealing, but I figured a call fold to the same in later position would probably be the better play.

No one else calls, and the flop comes K 9 x

Everyone checks the flop, I pot the turn to two more checks in front of me, and I take that pot down. I stole 3 more times pre and I end up with just about T4200.

Then I pick up KK. It folds to me and I pot preflop. JJOK flat calls and we see the flop. Flop comes A K x two hearts. Now, he is short, so I decided to just bet the flop and hope he is drawing big or hit Aces up or something else worth dying with.

He flat calls. (hmmmmm?) The turn comes and I bet the pot once more, immediatley realizing that I was just fingered by the poker whore gods. He calls the rest of his money, and shows AA.

Hoy suggested that I should have folded, and giggled (I think he took pleasure in someone getting a taste of his reality), and the little girly chat box rang with pleasure. Its like I walked out of a room only to smash my face into a large piece of glass that I really couldn't see.

Anywho, right before or after second break I raised pre with 77 (just about pot, and almost 1/4 of my stack). sb and bb (JJOK) call. Flop comes and A x x . they both check, I shove, sb folds, and JJ tanks. He writes, "I think I owe you Riggs". I write, "no, FT owes me"... he times , and finally calls with A 8. I miss and go home (51).

So it is... that last hand I was pretty much determined to get it all in there with any flop because 1) I was still steaming about the KKK
So be it... riverhcasers tonight, and Vegas tomorrow. 4 left! Get It Done!


snakster said...

I see the events of last evening are fading quickly in your rearview mirror. Your resillience is inspirational.

The Poker Grind said...

bounty tourney tonight?

full tilt , 10 pm EST , every sunday night
buyin is $20+2
password is thepokergrind