Monday, December 10, 2007

missing vegas

Yes, I missed Vegas. I will spare the details. Boy was taken to the hospital friday morning. I got home to get something, and the dishwasher apparently busted a supply line leaving my kitchen looking like a pool. Boy comes home, blowing up the whole time, wife wants to hang herself. The other three girls, realizing they have control of the whole house now, decide it best to paint their rooms... in a nut shell.

I figured we might be able to salvage a trip if I could get out of dodge on Sat, but once I realized that wifey would shoot me, and worse off, complain to her mother about the situation, I figured play this one safe.

I had sent Al a couple of text messages to let him know what was up. he had called me a few times but never left any message. I notice the missed calls. He had contacted a mutual friend to find out what was up with me, and I explained to her that I had sent him text messages. I asked her to contact Al for me, and that I would call or text him again. Never heard anything back from either of them, so I figured all was good.

Then griff calls me and explains that we don't have any texting service on our phones. (Of course not! Why would that even surprise me?)

I hate the fact that I missed what was sure to be a fantastic weekend. I was there last year, though not as an official blogger. I met some of you then, and would have liked to meet the rest of you this year. I guess that will have to wait until the spring/ summer gathering.

I run good.. fuckers

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