Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NUTS! and NUTS!!!!

Last nights Hoy was a 6 max event. Much like the Hoyster, I am a big fan of 6 handed poker. I have been sooo close during this BBT series. I thik I'm 9th or so in points and I have a few FT's, including the Math about 2 weeks ago.

I got an email form cracknaces, or lucko, or fuel about a little prop bet... T'was a very good Idea so I jumped in...

Pick 4 horses. Drop the highest score, and count the bottom three. Whatever place your horse fell in is the amount fo points you got.

I really liked this idea, and I was thinking of who my runners should be. I picked myself, recess, Surf, and Bayne. Bayne I figured he was due :), (plus he's goot).. Recess and Surf, I respect both of their games for varying reasons, but mostly I felt very confortable with my lineup. So I end up in 3rd, recess came in 14th, Surf FT'd with me, and Bayne was 27.

So, NUTS! on the prop win, which was $20 a man... you can see Lucko's site for the details of who all competed, their teams, and the results. Also, I am spiffing my horses for a job well done!

The Hoy was a little different. I was down to 5k at one point from running 99 into Jec's 10 10. From there, I shoved 4 hands in a row when 2 out fo the 3 I had Ak and AQ. The other two were like 78, and Q3d. Not in any order but those 4 non-called shoves got me to 20k just from the blinds and antes. That was bubble time with 9 left.

I remember getting into the final table was like watching paint dry. Everyone was very tight, and cautious, and so on. I stole as much as I could, and played very aggressively in position.

When the FT started I decided to be very aggressive again. and got called or rejammed everytime, with very meager holdings. So I lose a race, and finally get it all in against Kaja who had a monster lead 3 handed with JJ. He calls with K 6 and the door card is a K. GG me.

And COngrats to KAJAGUGU who tooke the whole ting down... DESTINY my man! DESTINY!

One hand I want to make mention of. Shaubs was in the sb, and I'm in the BB.. I think blinds are 400/800 with the ante. I have 8k shaubs has 4k. It folds to him, he shoves. I have A5.

He shows 22. Spikes a deuce on the flop and I river a str8 sending him to the rail. He writes in the chat, fold buttons on the left. Learn to fold, etc...

Let me just say this... It sucked the way he went out. shoving a shit pair, setting, and then getting rivered by a shity str8. But I have played this game for over 20 years. and in that scenario, with the blinds the way they were, our stacks, and the cards I held... It will go in everytime. EVERYTIME.

1) you're range could be atc there.
2) I don't mind trading small stack for small stack there with any ace.
3) its go time right there... I have maybe two orbits left with my stack. You have maybe one.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you really didn't think it was a bad play because of the way you went out, and were just salty. If thats the case, first drink on me in Vegas. If its not the case, we'll just go to the bar, arm wrestle, and watch Al get drunk and hit on women... or explain to me how its done.

Tomorrow night is the Mook... Can't wait to see the prop bet action on this one!


Schaubs said...

I was just bitter. You made the right call... most of the time?

I just wonder with the bubble approaching... anyway it doesn't matter. Winning hands have to hold up in order to win these things.

I think the blinds were 250/500 and I had just about 1,500 chips less than you. I just figured you put me on some sort of a hand like the one I had and would fold it.

I can't just call from the SB, and raising it, well I guess you would push there then, if you are going to call my all-in there.

GG, too bad Kaj took you out like he did to me last Mookie. See ya tomorrow.

I look forward to that drink...

Riggstad said...

Yeah man... and I'm pretty sure I had you doubled... I dont have a screen shot so we would be just bickering back and forth like to chickens...

as far as the bubble, 8k was pretty short there and I'm not worrying about bubbling... I;m only playing to win the seat... so I gotta pick my gambool spots!

Cant wait for Vegas!

smokkee said...

gg Riggs.

President Dave said...

Well done yesterday, you just keep getting closer to that seat, you'll have it in no time.

surflexus said...

Thanks for picking me. The added incentive of not letting another person down always helps keep me focused. Thanks for the vote of confidence and very nice job yourself!

Riggstad said...

Thanks Guys...

Same bet tonight... I'll post my horses around 30 minutes before..

The Atlanta blogger contingent seems to be on a heater so I'm looking that way!

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

GG the other night. I obv picked a wrong spot to gamble. I thought we were racing... didn't expect that good a hand.

Btw, I saw a transfer from you for $10??? Not sure what that was for... thanks I guess? lol.