Thursday, November 8, 2007

Johny Ballgame!

tied for second in the Horse race last night in the Mookie... I sucked, when noting spectacular happened. I dont even remeber how I got short, just that I did, and shoved wiht QJ when the flop came J high... gg me.

Congrats to Dnasty13 for winning he whole thing and getting his seat.

Kaja went deep again, and will be tough to beat in this weeks points contest. nothing short of a win will even get me close tomorrow night. And thats if KAj takes a complete shit, or doesn't play.

One thing Kaj did make light of is this software that most probably already know about. Its called screen shots, and it is the coolest thing going. free software as well...

I strongly suggest you check it out. no more alt-prntscrn, open paint, paste file, etc...

ITs F6, it dumps, saved into a created file on your desktop, or wherever you want it to go. Upload to blogger from there and you're off and running.

Tomorrow night is RPT so get there and be square(d) away for some serious business.

And get in on the horse race.... lots and lots of fun... go here to get in


corron10 said...

ha, i was asking last nite, what was the easiest way to do screen shots. I will defintly look into the software.

KajaPoker said...

I can't believe we chopped for second in the horse race. I should have just played tighter and taken third. Oh well..... Freerolling the RC tonight though :-)

Funny thing about the leaderboard. If I win this week I might not be able to use my 750K ticket. Blah!

Riggstad said...

Dude, you are on a heater! and playing it well to boot.

Free rolling is goot! no matter how it comes!

LL tonight between me an you?

That oughta be a hoot!