Friday, November 9, 2007


Getting it done after the RC and railing Corron in the 28k. Great Job Bro!
And Congrats to Lucktruck who won the RPT event and the next available seat into the Aussie Freeroll. I believe his win was also johnny on the spot like, because a win, and win only was enough points to get him player of the week, thus entering him into the FTOPS #7 on Sunday.
So, well done kid... and welcome to blogdom
and a big hug for Kaj, who lost his spot because Luck won. If Luck takes second there, Kaj gets player of the week... Between that an the last longer bet he had with me, it must of been a shitty night.
Alas, to no avail, because we start the new week in a few short days, and everyone can race again.
Check out Fuel's blog with his entry for the seat via the writing contest. I believe we have a winner. GG sir!

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Fuel55 said...

See you in #7. Let's take that bad boy down!