Monday, November 12, 2007

I need to lose some weight

Because apparently, I'm just not fast enough to win races...

FTOPS #7 came and went. I figured I would start the first hour just sitting back waiting for premium hands, and taking advantage of position. Which I did well. I only played 4 hands and took all 4 pots without a show down.

I had T8600 in chips when I raised UTG with AK to about T1100. I was called, raised, and reraised, so I let it go. Took me down to just about T6900 when this happened.

I didn't get to click the screens while this hand was in progress because I'm new to the software, even though it is very easy to use, but more because I was so involved in the hand....

the sequence goes like this: Second to act raise to 560, with a caller behind. With 88 I see this as a classic squeeze play and raised to 2200. Just about a third of my stack, and I was willing to let it go with a jam from the first raiser.

the only thing was the first raiser folded, and the second jammed. I had him covered by 1600, but felt all dirty by his jam. I immediately put him on AK. I don't know why. He just as easily could have had AA or KK by smooth calling here so early, but by watching his play, he was willing to see flops, and would fold if he missed. I saw him jam his whole stack twice, with QQ and KK with almost no money in pre, so I put him on AK...

I timed out thinking about what to do here, and with 12 seconds left I called, figuring what better time to race than now. Obviously the door card was a shocker :)

My question is do you think the squeeze with 88 here was right. Should I have put it all in pre instead of just the 2200. Or should I have just called or even folded. I'm not upset with how I played it at all. Just looking for some opinion.

That took me down to 1600. I picked up AA in the small with no action. Got back up to like 2300 when I picked up 99 in the BB. One min raiser, 3 callers. I know I'm behind but it all goes in thinking I have a chance to quadruple the stack here and run into AA with no love from the board. GG me

I will be playing all three BBT tournies this week and trying my damnedest to qual for the FTOPS ME.

The last time I played I had 99 5 times within an hour. I got away from all of them except 1.


S.A. said...

Hey there,

I'm no pro or something, but opinion you wanted and that you will get.

I don't know how much the other guys had; but you if you weren't under-stacked, I think third of your stack is way too much.

I don't know exactly how much I'd put, that depends on position, stack sizes and players on the table. But usually I'd fold a middle-pair if I didn't hit a 3-of-a-kind and there was 1 or 2 over cards on the board.

Nice blog by the way,

Riggstad said...

Thanks S.A.-

all of this was preflop. player one had me out chipped and player two was beneath by about 1600...

All the money went in pre, so my shot at getting away from it is moot one the flop comes. Maybe that was the play given the time it and circumstances surrounding it

If I put him on AK my only decision then was if I wanted to race or not. Being after the second break I figured It was time to race. If I win i move on. If I don't, I'm on life support...

I'm not in anyway defending the play, just looking for feedback.

thanks for yours!