Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Forget about the curveball Ricky... Give'm the heeaater!

Congrats goes out to Jamyhawk, who jammed his way to a win in the HOY last night!! WOOT!

I told Jamy that I was going to pick him as a horse this week and totally spaced when I rushed to lucko's site to quickly enter my picks before I had to log off to head out...

Don't think it would have helped much though since the rest of my picks, including me were less than stellar. Getting close to the end of this thing (i know, not really), but it is going fast, and the chances are drying up... Get your tokens for this weeks Big Game on Sunday... another event to try to qual, and a pile of prize money as well. Jec won the first one in the series and cashed for like $1300.. Git 'r done!

On another note... I wanted to put my two cents in on the blogger gheyness that had been mentioned on a few blogs this past weekend and into this week...

I created the RPT three years ago this January. I saw it as an opportunity, first and foremost, as a profitable business model, but also as a way to introduce the game to people who loved watching the game, but had never played before. It gave them the opportunity to come play and learn without really having to risk anything. These are free games with a lot of prizes at stake, including WSOP ME seats (the only live freeroll tour to offer that in the country btw) which brings out some pretty good players, and of course, some really (bad) inexperienced players...

Like online, the live freerolls have their examples of just horrid, silly play that in the end make no sense... and there is a mantra, or credo have you, that it is just bad poker going on in these games... Those statements obviously hold true in certain circumstances, even from those who knokw how to play. When you mix alcohol, inexperienced players vs. good players, and nothing at stake in a game, you get silly play. You get the guy who has to go home... you get the gal who is bitching at her boyfriend that she wants to leave... you get the women who just wants to see if it actually will hit this time, and so on.

But I will guarantee you that there are players that are better than any blogger out there. there are some that have won WSOP circuit events. and others that play for a living in Atlantic city and other places around the country. and there are yet others, who have even started blogs, because of the passion that has been created because of the tour.

Chad had put a comment up, then took it down, that he sucks at hockey, maybe he should start a hockey blog...

Well, I think he misses the point. Completely. I've watched him play, and have seen his stats, and he is a monster. I like his play, and love his passion and approach to the game. He is passionate about his play, and loves not only the game, but everything that goes into it to making himself better. That's what works for him. All of the software, books, and every other resource he can get his hands on all goes into what makes him the player he his.

But unlike football, you don't need to have the physical attributes to play poker. You don't need the type of skill set that people are usually born with to compete at the highest levels. Its poker and anyone can play. And everyone will play.

Now, I never thought, or took, any of the ramblings that went on in chat as serious. I've never had anything pointed in my direction, with the exception of Schaubs in an event last week, but even then, its just steam, or good ribbing. At least thats how I took it. I can't imagine that any of it was actually serious, or done in a malicious way. That would just be stupid.

I can and will say this. I (al) started this blog last december, and I really didn't start posting until July. I have read a lot of your blogs, and realize that most have a more than serious passions for this game. I would think that Chad and others would expect that with the committment made towards a blog, that you would want to make the same committment in improving your game. However, we all have family, jobs, and other things that take precedent.

I think that most of us will take their game to a level that is comfortable for them to do., in the time frame that allows them to do it wholely and completely.

For that reason alone, it is ignorant, and almost irresponsible to ridicule someone for playing the way they do. And lets face it... the levels that these events are played at, and the times they are played at (late), will tend to make people do silly things. Jam when not supposed to, call off a silly draw when they know its the wrong thing. Its human nature to want to gamble sometimes. Raise your hand if you've ever made a bad play, knowing it was a bad play, but just said fuck it! (lucktruck, I'm looking your way!)

I'm still confused and have a hard time believing that any of this ripping is for real... I just don't get that part of it... God knows I've done my fair share as well, but always as more of a joke, and never in blogger kingdom. that would just be ghey...


jasper6294 from RPT said...

A F'n Men. Preach on big cheese.

jamyhawk said...

Thanks for the shoutout.

I'm with you. It's all in fun. And you never know what is going on in the background. I've seen people jam with ATC just cause they want to get to bed. It's a lot different than live play.

SirFWALGMan said...

Fuck ya its all true! I should know. The king of all ranters.. although well liked for some unknown reason.. heh.

People hate to lose and if you don't play a hand the way they think you should they get mad. It is (hopefully) not a lasting hatred type of mad just an angry mad. However everyone is at a different stage and people (myself included) should realize that. Sometimes they are better than you and you do not realize the play they made was actually correct or based on a read. Sometimes they are just learning. Sometimes they are just spewing money like every other fish and getting some cheap enjoyment.

Whatever the case everyone comes from a different background, place, style, etc, etc.. and while I will never stop raging against the unfairness and unjustness of the poker gods I at least understand a little bit why people make retarded plays.

Schaubs said...

All in good fun. I ribbed, and it wasn't meant as a personal shot at you or your game. I am in no position to make such a comment and be serious about it and the player it is intended for. You are a great player, and I respect your game very much.

Great post!