Sunday, September 30, 2007


so I have gone from a total profit of $900 to a total profit of -$4 in three days of SNG's...

some really bad run downed M'er F'ers have gotten to me... I have been totally tilted by these ridiculous run downs and am sure that I have played my part in losing to some of them.

But I mean c'mon! quads ran down by quads.. My pockets to their single A in hand

Nut flush ran down by a 4 card str8 flush after the money got in on the flop???

AKh v Qh 10s... Flop comes 10h Jh 4h turn 8h riv 9h

boat killed by str8 flush

AK being outdrawn by KQ after we get it in pre...

and over and over and over...

my roll is back down just under 1k, so I will stop crying and get back after it, but I son't know how much I can take anymore...

I will try to post my Sharkscope graph up but it gets ridiuculous.. looks like a mountain range with very deep valleys...

I do play while I'm working, and I think my strategy is probably not broad enough.

I have played numerous live tournaments and have won probably 5 and cashed in a whole bunch more over the last couple of years just in AC and Vegas alone, (the bulk in AC) and my total profit from the ring games in my last 4 vegas trips exceeds $12k, but this online thing just sucks the ever lovin life out of me....

The beats truly are ridiculous... Here is one at Poker stars yesterday that was just a beauty...

raise from utg for 200 (blinds 20/40)

one caller before I act with AK... I re to 800 (i had 3,500) (squeeze)

utg calls other folds

flop comes K K 4 r

utg checks, I half pot it, he jams... with 5 6 o

turn 7

riv 8

and thats all I have to say about that

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