Friday, September 21, 2007

dead span

Things that have happened while I haven't posted...

Had 4 people die (friends, relatives, neighbors)

Had 2 close friends get in serious car accidents

Lost 2 friendships due to stupidity and a sense of entitlement

Started the basketball season off by having to take over the whole organization because parents are genreally lazy... and only care for their own kids teams, etc.. (there is no community anymore)

borke up a fight at a bar

Had some really awesome bacon... really. New stuff from some farm somewhere Sick!

Won Kats Friday night donkament

took 3rd in the Mook

got ran over continuously by lesser hands who had no business being in the pot at all in higher stakes SNG's (30's, 50's, 110's)

Lost 10 50 sng's - but won 4 more along that span (total profit of about $500?)

Playing some $16 tournies at Stars.. winning 3 of them, and still thinking how much I hate that site

Dealing with the noobs at FT to get this Freeroll rolling, the prizes rolling for the second half, and an overall outlook of moving forward with them for the Online tour

Figuring out where to "office" now that the warehouse is no longer in my inventory

praying for Al's safety when he takes off for his crazy 40th bash... and wishing I could be there

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pokerDegen / michaelWrites said...

was wondering when you were gonna post again... sorry to hear about the rough waters. Hope it all smooths out as best as possible soon.