Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cee gar's!

I missed the MATH last night because one of the crew decided that 3 books wasn't enough to put her asleep. I usually preregister for this but got caught up in a meeting yesterday afternoon, and never had the chance until I got home.. which was late, and went right into bedtime mode.

So I decided to have a smoke in the porch with a neighbor. It was fun to sit back and just relax for once without the glow of an LCD display shining back at me. Although after a while I got right back into it.

I had a few boxes of Cigars given to me from the TINDERBOX since they sponsor my company, and I am putting together a deal with them and Layne Flack, and a couple of other pros to have their own signature series lines. Layne sent me an email saying he was moving, so I can only hope that the samples I sent him reach his new address.

This should be a really cool deal for him and the others, and I hope it takes off...

I watched Bonehet play in the 28k and he was doing well when I went to bed... 8k in chips and already in the money. I played an 18 MTT, won that and thought, ok, time to go to sleep. Of course I saw the Phils were playing (I mean losing) the Dodgers so I watched the rest of that debacle, and then, headed off to sleep.

I will def be playing the MOOKIE tomorrow night... Never Miss the Mookie!

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